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37 Verbs to Use for the Word hose

One of the old time machines is said to consist of a huge tank of water placed upon wheels, drawn by a large number of men, and to which was attached a small hose.

She went to the hosiers To buy him some hose; But when she came back, He was dressed in his clothes.

The autopsy was performed by a man from Portland, who hung the body up by the heels and played a hose on it.

So much was this the case, that an order of Francis I. forbad the judges from wearing pink "slashed hose" or other "rakish garments.

The Fire Brigade had been in action once and once only in the memory of man, and that time it was a haystack which had burned itself out just as the rescuers had succeeded in fastening the hose to the hydrant.

It ran down what is now Sacramento Street, and you ought to know enough about the fire to realize that we couldn't use our fire hose, because the earthquake broke the water mains.

Of the number who left Doune in the morning, and with the purpose we have described, not a Glunamie of them all cocked his bonnet more briskly, or gartered his tartan hose under knee over a pair of more promising spiogs (legs), than did Robin Oig M'Combich, called familiarly Robin Oig, that is Young, or the Lesser, Robin.

And now he turned the hose on Koswell, hitting the fellow directly in the left ear.

"Larkspur, grab the hose!

A lad was holding the hose, and in the dim light Dick recognized the face of a youth named Bart Larkspur, a sophomore who did not bear a very good reputation.

The weather was bitter cold, and the water would be frozen almost as soon as it left the hose.

He held the figure up to the grating, to where the moon shone pale on its face and tumbled locks and over its gay-colored tunic, and lustered its silken hose.

Sahwah was tatting, Gladys and Migwan were embroidering, and Miss Kent, familiarly known as "Nyoda," the Guardian of the Winnebago group, was "mending her hole-proof hose," as she laughingly expressed it.

"So I told him about how the vigilantes had wrongly suspected a man who peddled rubber hose of a murder, overtook him under that very tree, and, lacking rope, strung him with a section of his own goods, riding away without a look behind them.

At any rate, Skirrl's behavior was significant in this connection, for he would pick up the hose to see if water were flowing, and if it were not, he would throw it down, go directly to the faucet, and try to turn the wheel.

stood my beaten Taylor Playting my rich hose, my silke stocking-man Drawing upon my Lordships Courtly calfe Payres of Imbroydered things whose golden clockes Strike deeper to the faithfull shop-keepers heart Than into mine to pay him;had my Barbour Perfum'd my louzy thatch here and poak'd out My Tuskes more stiffe than are a cats muschatoes These pide-winged Butterflyes had known me then.

Two men were plying the hose upon a portion of the field which had already been mowed three times.

By the time of arriving at the fire, preparing the hoses, &c. the steam is ready.

" HALF PAST TEN.Speculators in New York Central and Hudson River securities are much excited over a report that Commodore VANDERBILT had been seen to purchase a watering hose in the store of a well known manufacturer of gardening implements, on Broadway.

Let it stand for 30 minutes, pour out the standard solution, remove hose and breech plug, and swab out thoroughly with soda solution to neutralize and remove all trace of ammonia and powder fouling.

When Hanna de Long, freshly train-washed of train dust, walked down Third Street away from the station, old man Rentzenauer, for forty-odd springs coaxing over the same garden, was spraying a hose over a side-yard of petunias, shirt-sleeved, his waistcoat hanging open, and in the purpling light his old head merging back against a story-and-a-half house the color of gray weather and half a century of service.

The Gordons gude, in English blude They steeped their hose and shoon; The Lindsays flew like fire about Till a' the fray was dune.

D'ri stuck the hose out of the window.

However, the days of dipping water are past, but a water boy that will do as I have stated is just as liable to throw his hose into the muddy water or lower side of tank as on the upper side, where it is clear.

I had a little husband no bigger than my thumb, I put him in a pint pot, and there I bid him drum, I bought a little handkerchief to wipe his little nose, And a pair of little garters to tie his little hose.

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