65 Verbs to Use for the Word hoss

"Have you got a fast hoss?" "There ain't no faster.

One of the boys can ride yore hoss to town on the next trip an' ride this one back.

The real Wells Fargo, Mr. Johnson here, was a-watchin' yore corral alla time, so when you got a friend of yores to pull them two drummers into a poker game and then saddled yore hoss and went bustin' off in the direction of yore claim we got the marshal and trailed you.

"Whose hoss have I stole?" "Oh, you'll catch it," chuckled the humorous Piney.

And do you know, I'll bet I was three hours a-running from hell to breakfast before I caught that hoss where he was feedin' in a narrow draw.

"Now climb your hoss and beat it, and if I ever find you in reach again, I'll send my kid out to rope you and give you a hoss-whippin'.

"II took yore hoss," he spoke up, desperately.

He ain't so big as to kill a good strong hoss, Pete.

Any gent who gets so full he can't pick out his own hoss, and goes weaving off on somebody else's is liable to make mistakes other ways.

Be in the saddle, and the minute you see us come down that trail out of Sour Creek, be ready to feed your hoss the spur and join us, because when we come, we'll come fast.

I've seen a hoss that carried" "No good," said Pete with decision.

"Fetch my hoss!"

" "Maybe we could find an extra-strong hoss.

"Hei!" he screamed, "Barry's reached the black hoss and the black hoss is beating him into the floor!"

"Bart'll bring the hoss.

I kept urgin' my hoss, and the critter kep' tryin', but I see he was about blowed, an' 'twarn't no use.

He was ridin' a big hoss an' he looked mighty fine.

He'd say, 'Now, Bob, don't you run that hoss' but when I got out of sight, I was bound to run that hoss a little.

"Save your hoss, Shorty.

Reckin' he don' know dat ole mud-color hoss.

I heard a shot" "You left your hoss standing in the brush near the house," interrupted Bull, "and you went along on foot.

"Gents," he said huskily, while a gust of wind fanned a cloud of dust from his clothes, "is there anybody in this town can gimme a hoss to get to Stillwater, inside three hours' riding?" He waited a moment, his hungry eyes traveling eagerly from face to face.

" "Satan never seen the day he could make the roan eat dust, anyway!" "Look at 'em go, boys!" "There ain't no use," said Jim Silent sadly, "he'll wind his black for nothin'an' I've lost the best hoss on the ranges.

"So I borrowed a fresh hoss and kep' on.

"You been putting your hoss through a grind, I see, stranger.

65 Verbs to Use for the Word  hoss
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