142 Verbs to Use for the Word hotels

Later on, for leaving an hotel without paying, he was put in prison, and had to stay there till the money was sent for his release.

And so with his mind in a whirl of vague conjecture and apprehension he reached his hotel.

At dawn he entered the hotel at Millville with his arms full of books and papers which he had succeeded in saving from the fire, and securing a room went directly to bed.

As a rule we found the humble, cheaper hotels best, and, whenever we had a choice of two, chose the less pretentious.

The elder PEYTON, who runs the hotel, overheard Mr. P.'s remark, and stepping up to him, said: "Sir, you should not be so particular about your food.

Mr. Greenman kept the hotel for some time, and then sold it to John Summers, who was the owner of it when it was burned.

You think the way to settle a country is to go on ahead and build hotels?

I will find means of informing the lady what hotel you choose.

In Broadway are to be seen magnificent hotels, theatres, magazines-de-mode, and all the etceteras of a fashionable mart, not omitting to mention crowds of elegantly dressed ladies and exquisitely attired gentlemen, including many of colour; the latter appearing in the extreme of the fashion, with a redundancy of jewellery which, contrasting with their sable colour, produces to the eye of a stranger an unseemly effect.

He left the train at Lerida, going on foot from the station to the town, but he did not seek an hotel.

It has been my painful duty to visit your hotel, and to possess myself of them.

I didn't like the hotel.

SEE Ullman, Berthold L. HAMILTON, ALICE E. B. Promoting new hotels.

A spacious room it was, if a rather low one, with three windows overlooking the road which passes the hotel.

"And he would avoid the big hotels.

This valet had been little noticed: besides, six or eight months had passed since the departure of Zambelli; and how could one domestic excite attention among the numbers who had inhabited this hotel, the most frequented in Rouen?

Just on his left hand there stood a great hotel, with some turrets and a large porch before the door; it was half-ruinous, he remembered, and had long stood empty; and so he made three steps of it and jumped inside the shelter of the porch.

Mme Hembert, the proprietor, was once femme de chambre to the Empress Joséphine; she is an excellent woman and a very attentive hostess, and I recommend her hotel to all those travellers who visit Florence and do not care to incur the expence of Schneider's.

To guard against disappointments such as this, the jobber sends his salesmen to live at hotels, haunts the hotels himself, studies the hotel-register far more assiduously than he can study his own comfort, or the comfort of his wife and children.

And I've looked out a clean and comfortable hotel for you, and we'll go there now.

=Accommodation Obtainable.="Forest Hotel" (near railway station), "Ailesbury Arms Hotel," etc., in Marlborough.

So all we've got to do is to find out which hotel she's stopping at in this city, and then we'll go round there, and I'll send in my card.

"I'm going to change hotels to-day," I heard a man remark to a friend.

The scheme is to run a dairy, hog and poultry combination on a manufacturing basis and then sell our whole product direct to two or three customers in town, one or two of the clubsperhaps a hotel.

He intended to start for that city in a day or two, and he would be rejoiced to meet her at eleven o'clock on the morning of the fifth instant, in the corridor, or covered bridge, connecting the Exchange and Ballard hotels, and there arrange all the details for an immediate marriage.

142 Verbs to Use for the Word  hotels
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