164 Verbs to Use for the Word  human

164 Verbs to Use for the Word human

William was passionately fond of hunting, and the penalty for killing a deer or boar without authority was greater than for killing a human being out of season.

Six different strains of coronaviruses infect humans.

Although they have been said to be dangerous towards humans, Great Hammerhead Sharks rarely ever attack humans.

Within narrow limits, almost all members of the human family want to live and to help other humans to do likewise.

Erosion can cause problems that affect humans.

She turned some humans into an army called trust White Zetsu.

Slaves are recognized not merely as property, but also as personsas having a mixed characteras combining the human with the brutal.

In the second and third Ages the gods created humans of mud and then wood, but these also failed to please and were wiped out.

It was told about in the Redoubt that they would harm no human, if but the human did keep a fair distance from them; but that it were wise never to come close upon one.

The Tahitians had no record of ever having eaten humans.

Cleansed of his grosser nature by a baptismal rite, in which each of the nymphs performs some symbolic ceremonial, he feels heavenly love replacing human in his heart, and is able to bear undazzled the radiance of the divine purity.

I ain't never seen the human yet that she ain't got a good word for.

Among the outstanding results of the great revolution, improvement in communication and transportation have brought humans into contact with one another on an increasingly extensive scale, reaching its high water mark in planet-wide networks of trade, travel, migration and diplomacy, leading up to the One World which was so much in the foreground of public discussions between the two general wars of 1914 and 1939.

I'm just enjoying the process, I carried a beautiful human for 9 months so im giving myself 9 months to get back but the way it's looking I may get back way sooner."

It means a human who navigate Internet.

Chief Executive Musk plans to use the Starlink revenue to help fund development of its next-generation rocket dubbed Starship, which is designed to lift defense payloads to space and eventually send humans to the moon.

I had no idee that he was around, and I'm quite sartain he didn't expect to meet a human in such a place.

The extreme cold of the following Anglian glaciation is likely to have driven humans out of Britain altogether.

Any relationship or connection that involves humans, no matter how businesslike or brief, involves feelings.

After a large crowd gathers to watch him, he is released back to the wild with a tracking device and leads the humans back to his colony.

The séance was over, but it had given just the requisite touch to our Christmas Evesomething a little human and out of the ordinary routine.

But he refused to love the humans as much as his father, God, as he was instructed, and so he revolted against Heaven.

The cynical journeyman printer of the moment, on a day when Dave tried out the new machine, had stood by and said she might set type but she certainly couldn't justify it, because it took a human to do that, and how would a paper look with unevenly ending lines?

Unlike other macaques, it avoids humans.

Love, then, is the bond which unites the human with the divine.

It is widely thought to be wrong to use humans as tests for acute (or chronic) toxicity research.

Health experts say it poses a significant and growing public health risk by exposing humans to dangerous animal-borne pathogens.

He tried making the lady human, and then she would not march; she sat still, and he talked about her; he dumped her down, and soon he was yawning.

An existing 2012 military directive requires humans to be in control of automated weapons but doesn’t address broader uses of AI.

That the Lord and his Father are one, as the soul and the body are one, and that God the Father descended from heaven, and assumed the human (nature or principle), to redeem and save men, and that his human nature is what is called the Son, and is said to be sent into the world, has been fully shewn in the APOCALYPSE REVEALED.

The Tagabantay's duty is to protect the humans from the aswangs.

"No, Sally, you must consider it well," said Erick, and held his hands behind his back, to let her have time, "then if you have decided that you will tell no human being one single word, then you must promise it to me with a firm handshake."

It is to me quite certain that the Polynesians brought with them from Malaysia or India or from farther toward Europe those traditions of the beginnings of mankind which grew up hundreds of thousands of years ago, and were dispersed with each group setting out for adventure or driven from the birthplace of thinking humans.

He helped the filmmakers figure out how to depict humans going through changes in time and space.

Some scientists think sharks attack humans because they have mistaken the human for a seal or sea lion.

Wesley did not ask his audience to listen to a sermon on the favorite bloodless abstractions of the eighteenth-century pulpit, such as Charity, Faith, Duty, Holiness, abstractions which never moved a human being an inch heavenward.

I explore how humans poison soil and how soil poisons humans.

If the human don't understand the horse the horse won't trust the human and where there ain't trust there's fear and where there's fear there's hate.

These include humans, most non-human animals and may eventually include artificial beings we create or intelligent aliens we meet.

Art thou but a name, typifying the restless principle which impels poor humans to seek perfection in union? or wert thou indeed a mortal prelate, with thy tippet and thy rochet, thy apron on, and decent lawn sleeves?

They do not try to hurt humans unless they are getting hurt themselves.

The authors propose that evolutionary developments in the brain enabled the acquisition of this shared identity by providing humans with the capability for reflective self-consciousness.

The whole body was passive, motionless, relaxed in every muscle and every nerve; and therein lay the marvelto all save the thousandth human in this restless age, the impossibility.

He has told me about the man you had, who said that those two horses knew more than most 'humans.'

They have been known to bite humans but it is believed this is due to being provoked.

From this there arise, in the first place, physical impediments which, during the best part of the female life, are absolutely insurmountable, except at a sacrifice of almost everything that distinguishes the civilized human from the animal, or beastly, and savage state.

Nokia has been selected by NASA to build the first cellular network on the moon as part of the U.S. space agency's efforts to return humans to the there by 2024 and build long-term settlements.

Geese that are fed will begin to approach humans without fear and some may begin to approach humans in a more aggressive manner.

If fed, the alligators will eventually lose their fear of humans and will learn to associate humans with food, thereby becoming both a greater danger to people, and at greater risk from them.

The project had consumed huge amounts of resources and, in building weapons of unprecedented potency, gave godlike power to flawed humans.