122 Verbs to Use for the Word hungers

The animal food had been provided for me, for the Brahmin satisfied his hunger with the ghee, sweetmeats, and biscuit, and ate sparingly even of them.

We had eaten the last crumb of our corn bread in the morning, without appeasing the hunger which assailed us, and now could only chew the twigs of the bushes, striving to make ourselves believe we extracted nourishment therefrom.

Certainly the men of the little Yukon camp began to find their rations horribly short commons, and to suffer a continual hunger, never wholly appeased.

" They unlashed the pack, and the Colonel wanted to make two bundles of the bedding and things; but whether the Boy really thought the Colonel was giving out, or whether down in some corner of his mind he recognised the fact that if the Colonel were not galled by this extra burden he might feel his hunger less, and so be less prone to thoughts of poor Nig in the pothowever it was, he said the bundle was his business for the first hour.

Sir, the ladies'd be obliged to endure hunger and cold, and without any care, like shelterless birdies.

In the moonlight there was a sharp quick fight, a snarling and scratching, a cat-like yowl of pain, and the fisher forgot his hunger in flight.

Like Tortulf the Forester, they learned "how to strike the foe, to sleep on the bare ground, to bear hunger and toil, summer's heat and winter's frost,how to fear nothing but ill-fame."

Crying is not always an expression of positive pain; it sometimes indicates hunger and thirst, and sometimes the want of a change of posture.

The father fed his hunger for possession, which had been irresistibly growing in him for the last two months, on that look.

Narcissus' young lust was himself, and Moloch knew no more ruthless hunger than burns in such.

The horses, faring better than their masters, for they found abundance to allay hunger in the lush, dank grass of the morass, were corralled in a clump of white ash, and the jaded men, groping about, clambered upon the gnarled roots of the trees to catch breath.

The mere sight of the ripe, yellow fruit seemed to assuage their hunger.

Either a long rainy season or a drought may cause acute hunger and extreme suffering.

she sighed, "art then so simple that such will aye content thee; doth not thy heart hunger and cry within thee for aught beside?"

The play (a War-drama) gave the Babe a fine hunger, but the Commissionaire (apparently a Major-General) who does odd jobs outside the Blitz took exception to him.

So they stifle a hunger, but I couldn't do it, you know.

Yes, to the lowest savage in the forests of the Amazon, comes a hunger of the soul, and whispers from the unseen world, to remind him of what he might have been, and still may be.

He had reached that fatal epoch when man experiences an insatiable hunger for love, and for want of a woman will nourish some monstrous fantasy, or even, like the prisoner of Saintine, become enamoured of a flower.

Upon this Ajax assured our friend that he need not despair, and he said that the vexed question of the fair's appetite had been set at rest: a happy certainty was the sauce that had whetted her hunger.

Terror overcame the hunger of the tired child, and, clinging to her father, she whispered: "Let us go from this house.

" "Men often bring habitual hunger and thirst on themselves by custom.

But it was nice to see a green place again, and going down into the valley he managed to find some sweet roots to stay his hunger and thirst; then, after a rest, he went on again, and when he got to the top of the high ground beyond the valley, he saw another valley before him, just like the one he had left behind.

The maid in pity saw his wretched plight, Then from the pitcher took her midday meal, And soon relieved his hunger and his thirst.

Stop those contractions, and you stop the hunger.

It is a curious study, this noonday crowd that gathers to sate its music-hunger on the scraps vouchsafed it by Bernie Gottschalk's Music House.

122 Verbs to Use for the Word  hungers