44 Verbs to Use for the Word idioms

And says she: 'What did Cain to Abel?' 'He knocked him over,' I replied, liking sometimes to use such idioms, with the double object of teaching and perplexing her. 'Over what?' says she.

On another occasion, voyaging in the Mediterranean, he quelled a mutiny on board an Italian ship, when captain and mates were powerless, and the vessel drifting on the rocks, by commanding sailors and passengers to fall on their knees and pray to the Virgin,adopting the idiom of their religion as well as their speech, of which he was a master.

There is in America a very distinctive tradition indeed, which animates the entire nation, gives a unique idiom to its press and all its public utterances, and is manifestly the starting point from which the adjustments of the future must be made.

While his work was passing through the press, Mr. Wilson wrote what he styles a "Chapter Preliminary," but what we suppose would have been styled by persons who affect the native idiom when writing their own language, a "Preliminary Chapter."

The interests of learning require, that the diction of Greece and Rome should be cultivated with care; and he who can write a language with correctness, will be most likely to understand its idiom, its grammar, and its peculiar graces of style.

If you ask a countryman, he censures the citizen's idiom, and considers his own the best; "well, the learned only know [what is correct]."

Identification, false, N. concerning Idioms or peculiarities of expression, when to be approved or valued

He surely created a new and striking idiom.

For in each of these dialogues more or less mention is made of divine names, from which it is easy for those who are exorcised in divine concerns to discover by a reasoning process the idioms of each.

He learnt by heart a long and detailed narrative, embracing all the most impressive idioms and all the most popular slang, the subject of which was an accident which had occurred to him in the earlier days of the campaign, a long and a vivid story, which, once started, would last indefinitely and could not be interrupted meanwhile.

An old permits a man to kiss a girl who is standing under mistletoe. establishes many peculiar idioms in a language.

The young Americans in "The Camel's Back" support a critical thesis made for their author that he is evolving an idiom.

" I explained the idiom.

The younger man's school days are now over; he had found his idiom in a poetic form to which Messalla's experiments had drawn him.

Walker says, "This contraction of the participial ed, and the verbal en, is so fixed an idiom of our pronunciation, that to alter it, would be to alter the sound of the whole language.

There is an earnest unctuous modulation about it, which, as a rule, is acquired after men have flung overboard the common idioms of secular life.

Perhaps, too, he did a little too much Romanize our tongue; leaving the words which he translated, almost as much Latin as he found them: wherein, though he learnedly followed the idiom of their language, he did not enough comply with ours.

I have heard both idioms spoken by the natives, and therefore have more confidence in speaking of their nearness and affinity, than I could have had from mere book comparison.

Gradually this theory was sought to be displaced by one concerning a German baroness acquainted neither with Jews nor with music, humored as it was by that foreign trick in the book, the idioms of another tongue; but the latter theory was too false on its face to be tenable, and then people left off caring about it.

11.Some writers erroneously allow passive verbs to govern the objective in English, not only where they imagine our idiom to coincide with the Latin, but even where they know that it does not.

Is the Latin gerund, like the verbal in ing, sometimes active, sometimes passive; and when the former governs the genitive, do we imitate the idiom in English?

The fact that the English left no mark upon the language in Guyenne is almost a conclusive proof that such of the Anglo-Saxon stock as followed the Norman leaders into Aquitaine, and who remained in the country any length of time, were not sufficiently numerous to impose their idiom upon others.

Que introducing oui, non, etc.Idioms.

Is it well to know conventional idioms, and to ignore the language of nature?

Besides, I'd better learn their idioms, because I might stop in Canada if somebody urged me.

44 Verbs to Use for the Word  idioms