33 Verbs to Use for the Word immigrant

But quite apart from this, all of Cisalpine Gaul, as the region was called, was receiving immigrants from all parts of Italy throughout the second century, when the fields farther south were being exhausted by long tilling, and were falling into the hands of capitalistic landlords and grazers.

The North being an industrial and commercial section has usually attracted the immigrants, who will never fit into the economic situation in the South because they will not accept the treatment given Negroes.

The Movement to Americanize the immigrant.

In the first place, of the 82,000 who went to New York, a much smaller proportion were sickly or destitute; and, besides, by the laws of the state, ship-owners importing immigrants are required to enter into bonds, which are forfeited when any of the latter become chargeable on the public.

Nor will she at present, at any rate, obtain the immigrants on which she is counting to enable her to pay her interest.

From his despatches it is clear that he regarded the immigrants in the southone of the finest bodies of settlers that ever left Englandas dangerous malcontents of anarchical tendencies.

The Trinidad press welcomed these immigrants and spoke in the highest terms of the valuable services they rendered the country.

These laws gave the President power to compel immigrants to leave the United States, or to live in certain places that he named.

In this connection no one will deny that immigrants, both men and women, have their handicaps.

Here, as is supposed by Mr. JOHNSON, the fictitious energy that had been supplied by the Mixture deserts the immigrant, who now settles down contentedly, nor ever roams again.

Among his exploits was the capture of Port Duquesne, now Pittsburgh, in 1758, which terminated the French domination of the Ohio, and opened up Western Pennsylvania to enterprising immigrants.

The legislatures of various Northern states, furthermore, excluded free immigrants as well as discriminating sharply against those who were already inhabitants.

They both looked down upon and feared the nomad immigrants on their eastern border.

In the fall of 1852 Ben Wright raised a company of thirty-six men around Yreka and went out to guard the immigrants through the country of the Modocs.

During the fall they confined themselves mainly to watching the Ohio and the Wilderness road, and harassing the immigrants who passed along them.

It grieved me to hear these immigrants who were to be the fathers of a new race, all, from the old man down to the little girl, talking not of what they should do, but of what they should get in the new scene.

The panic which prevails in Montreal and Quebec is beginning to manifest itself in the Upper Province, and farmers are unwilling to hire even the healthy immigrants, because it appears that since the warm weather set in, typhus has broken out in many cases among those who were taken into service at the commencement of the season, as being perfectly free from disease.

Toughs come there, thieves, to swindle the immigrants.

The mining population includes many Irish, Hungarian, and Italian immigrants, among whom riots are frequent.

We have profitedlet us not forget itby the plucky German immigrants who threw off the yoke, and who now have the satisfaction of finding themselves fighting shoulder to shoulder with the men of their adopted country to free the Fatherland of the taskmaster.

This good man, having no children of his own, has taken for his children the little brown immigrants, who, losing father and mother, are but too apt to be neglected by their own folk.

As we proceeded westward more immigrants were met, and often our camp resembled a tented city.

Logan, Benjamin, protects immigrants; presides at meeting of Kentucky field officers; successful raid against Shawnee towns; fails to enforce discipline; leads other forays; prominence of; takes lead in movement for statehood.

A storm was raging on the mountain and we were advised by settlers whom we met coming out to assist the immigrants, to wait for better weather.

"We want immigrants in our countryGermans or any other good, strong, virile nationality.

33 Verbs to Use for the Word  immigrant