52 Verbs to Use for the Word imposition

To prevent French imposition, my M.Y. was to bargain beforehand for what we had.

A clergyman shall preach the workings of other men's brains for years, and not one of his hearers detect the imposition, purely on account of the confiding credit it is customary to yield to the pulpit.

Hampden, i.e., John Hampden (born 1594, died 1643), the maintainer of the rights of the people in the reign of Charles I. He resisted the imposition of ship-money, and died in a skirmish at Chalgrove during the Civil War.

"Indeed, my lord," cried the doctor to him one day, "your scheme goes on swimmingly, and I am only afraid when your mistress discovers the imposition, you will find your rank producing a different effect from what you have apprehended.

We conceived there needs no more to be said for justifying the imposition of the ceremonies by law established than what is contained in the beginningof this Section....

Indeed it appears from that charter, that though the Conqueror had granted his military tenants an immunity from all taxes and talliages, he and his son William had never thought themselves bound to observe that rule, but had levied impositions at pleasure on all the landed estates of the kingdom.

No Presbytery censured him, although Judge Brown, the chancellor, severely condemned the imposition.

Her husband, who had borne all her impositions with the resignation of a fakir through so many years of married life, at last on one luckless day had had his bad half-hour and administered to her a superb whack with his crutch.

Another reference to College impositions occurs further on in his Diary, at a time when he was a Lecturer: "Spoke to the Dean about F, who has brought an imposition which his tutor declares is not his own writing, after being expressly told to write it himself.

He carefully avoided, as far as possible, the imposition of direct burdens on the people, that he might not injure the popularity of the expedition.

However, they were not willing either to abandon the walled towns they had captured or to accept the imposition of tributes, but they desired those in existence to be lifted from the country.

He experiences a thousand impositions on landing with his baggage at Calais, but he submits to them without murmuring, because his countrymen at Dover had, on his embarkation, already kindly initiated him into this science of taxing the inquisitive spirit of travellers.

But though, sir, the regulation of our army be thus violently attacked, the greatest crime of the ministry is, in this gentleman's opinion, that of levying new troops, when we have no employment for our standing forces, of laying unnecessary impositions upon the nation, and alarming with the fears of an invasion, only that the army might be increased.

There is likewise a medal on which a Jesuit is represented concealed within a closet or alter, and raising or pushing up through the top the young prince to the view of the people, while Truth is opening the door and exposing the imposition.

The public can have no grounds for suspecting my veracity on a point in which I can have no possible interest in deceiving them; and those who know me will do me the justice to acknowledge, that I have a mind superior to the arts of deception, and that I am incapable of sanctioning an imposition, for any purpose, or from any motives whatever.

He remembered giving the imposition quite well:Frobisher ii. had repeated the exhortation just a little too loudlyhad brought the thing upon himself.

It was because the colonial policy of Spain impoverished and degraded the Spaniards at home, through the injustice, greed and profligacy of those abroad, that the huge structure, once so great an imposition upon mankind, a rotten fabric so gilt that the inherent weakness was disguised, has finally fallen into universal and irretrievable ruin.

Lamb helped himwith his imposition Gray's "Elegy" into Greek elegiacs.]

Would you mind asking him to step in here?" Just at this juncture Eric came in, having been delayed by Mr. Gordon while he rigidly inspected the imposition.

The doctor pitied him, for he scanned his feelings thoroughly, and consented to keep silent, but laughingly declared it was bad enough for a divine to be accessory to, much less aiding in a deception; and that he knew if Emily and Mrs. Wilson learnt his imposition, he would lose ground in their favor by the discovery.

That the mode of alienating their lands, the main source of discontent and war, should be so defined and regulated as to obviate imposition and as far as may be practicable controversy concerning the reality and extent of the alienations which are made.

Such taxes are objected to by many political economists, but were approved of by the Filipinos, who strongly opposed the imposition of a logical and very necessary personal tax to provide funds for the construction and maintenance of highways and bridges.

For example, you have just played a little joke on the Jews, and made them believe that they have to pay an imposition" "Made believe?" interrupted Tottleben, hastily.

I will perform the hardest imposition, And run through twelve new labours for thy sake.

But we have seen that the good Abbè could practise a little imposition himself.]

52 Verbs to Use for the Word  imposition