28 Verbs to Use for the Word  impunity

28 Verbs to Use for the Word impunity

And a large body of bleachers presented a petition to Parliament entreating the repeal of the statute which made it such on the ground that, practically, it had been found not to strike terror into the thieves, but almost to secure them impunity from the reluctance of juries to find a verdict which would sentence a fellow-creature to the gallows for such an offence.

But under the present scheme of regulations, my lords, vice will be propagated under the countenance of the legislature; and that kind of wickedness by which the nation is so infatuated that it has increased yearly, in opposition to a penal law, will now not only be suffered, but encouraged, and enjoy not impunity only, but protection.

Am I not in the power of an evildoer anxious to ensure impunity for his crimes and to defy the law by seeking refuge in this undiscoverable burrow?

American slavery provides impunity for the white murderer of the slave, by its allowing none but whitesnone but those who construct and uphold the system of abominationsto testify against the murderer.

Many, I doubt not, were guided only by the natural malignity of their hearts; many acted from fear, and expected to purchase impunity for former compliances with the court by this popular expiation; a large number are also supposed to have been paid by the Duke of Orleanswhether for the gratification of malice or ambition, time must develope.

They remind us that we have the power of our collective will to challenge aggression, coercion, and violence and to end impunity and injustice so freedom and peace can prevail.

Their cynical and calculated decision to resist accountability simply facilitates impunity for those involved in state-sponsored killings.

The Security Council has a special role in protecting peace and security and in fighting impunity.

The fact was, that phenomena that were just as mysterious to the human mind as any that the dogmas of Christianity required to be believed, exist hourly before our eyes without awakening skepticism, or exciting discussion; finding their impunity in their familiarity.

The campaign slogan even boasted, Thaksin Thinks, Pheu Thai Does, openly flaunting the legal and political impunity the billionaire still enjoyed in Thailand.

Much was said in maxims and apophthegms of the purity and necessity of rigid impartiality in administering the affairs of life, but neither had attained his years and experience without obtaining glimpses of practical things, that taught them to foresee the impunity of Maso.

Under the same facile administration, can L. have forgotten the cool impunity with which the nurses used to carry away openly, in open platters, for their own tables, one out of two of every hot joint, which the careful matron had been seeing scrupulously weighed out for our dinners?

The reporters, however, did not venture to give the names of the speakers at full length, but either disguised them under some general description, or at most gave their initials; and sometimes found that even this profession of deference to the standing orders did not insure them impunity.

Today, Huidobro is a strong supporter of maintaining the status quo with the military, including leaving its privileges untouched and not to lift the impunity it was granted for the crimes of the military dictatorships of the 1970s and 80s.

In the vein of Bartholomew, theoretical physicist Jean Bricmont concludes, In the absence of a genuine international force, the only thing that could limit the impunity of powerful states is the actions of their own citizens.

The dear old lady meant impunity, but it must be remembered that she was excited.

In what manner can this be done, if a pirate can obtain impunity, by simply hoisting the flag of some other country, which the cruiser is obliged to respect?

But to his exertions Milton owed impunity from the vengeance otherwise destined for the apologist of regicide, and so owed the life and leisure requisite to the composition of "Paradise Lost."

They were apprehensive lest the power of the nobles, always oppressive, should now exert itself without control, by removing the counterpoise of the crown; and their fears were increased by some new edicts of the barons, which were plainly calculated to procure to themselves an impunity in all their violences.

He who knows not how often rigorous laws produce total impunity, and how many crimes are concealed and forgotten for fear of hurrying the offender to that state in which there is no repentance, has conversed very little with mankind.

The natural effect was that the Chickamaugas, who were mainly Lower Town Cherokees, seeing the impunity with which the ravages were committed, and appreciating the fact that under the orders of the Government they could not be molested in their own homes by the whites, began to join in the raids; and their nearness to the settlements soon made them the worst offenders.

Amnesty International is also calling for action to address wide-ranging impunity for the decades of human rights violations and abuses committed in Somalia, some of which could amount to war crimes.

This article is just a mere attempt to water down the increasing impunity to justice and other spheres of life that had been talking place in Sierra Leone since the Bio-SLPP government came to power 2-years ago.

And during the next few weeks he more than once brought his soldiers to the support of the civil power, and inflicted summary punishment on gangs of miscreants, whose idea of reform was a state of things which should afford impunity to crime.

penalties would defeat their own end; for "it was a general and true maxim, that excess of punishment for a crime brings impunity along with it; and that no jury would ever find a verdict which would doom a fellow-creature to death for selling a yard of cloth and sending it to France."

Following an earlier statement by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International issued a statement in October, welcoming "actions taken in accordance with international law to combat impunity.

The truth is that Nigerians are angry, frustrated and are unlikely to condone further impunity from leaders who have clearly become a liability.

In his messages Pannun accused both the Congress and BJP as two sides of the same coin for perpetuating the 1984 Sikh Genocide and then extended the impunity to leaders of death squads.