208 Verbs to Use for the Word  infants

208 Verbs to Use for the Word infants

The ladies, of course, have the same easy method of showing a desire for silence and reflection in a country where nurses carrying infants usually smoke in the streets, and where a dainty confectioner's assistant places her cigarette between her lips in order to leave her hands free for the service of her customers.

"A little, tidy, good-looking woman sat by the fire, nursing an infant at the breast.

Paulina took the new-born infant, and forcing herself into the king's presence, notwithstanding her husband, fearing the king's anger, endeavoured to prevent her, she laid the babe at its father's feet, and Paulina made a noble speech to the king in defence of Hermione, and she reproached him severely for his inhumanity, and implored him to have mercy on his innocent wife and child.

One moment Oriana urged her horse again to its swiftest pace, as if in obedience to her husband's commandthe next, she was at Mailah's side, holding her infant in one arm, white with the other she guided and controlled the terrified animal on which she rode.

I leave her the infant of your care, beseeching you to give her princely training."

210 XX "I've heard, the moss is spotted red With drops of that poor infant's blood; But kill a new-born infant thus, I do not think she could!

There came unto my mind a troublous thought, Which dayly doth my weaker wit possesse, 30 Ne lets it rest untill it forth have brought Her long borne infant, fruit of heavinesse, Which she conceived hath through meditation Of this worlds vainnesse and life's wretchednesse, That yet my soule it deepely doth empassion*.

I only wish that every mother could hear her, and make it the fashion in France once more to suckle their infants.

Others report, that as King Phlegyas, her father was carrying her with him into Peloponnesus, her pains surprised her on the confines of Epidauria where, to conceal her shame, she exposed the infant on a mountain.

Having smeared this over with lard, and placed the infant on its left side, with its knees bent up in the lap of the nurse, it is to be passed a couple of inches into the bowel, in a direction not parallel to the axis of the body, but rather inclined to the left.

The articles required for the purpose of feeding an infant are a night-lamp, with its pan and lid, to keep the food warm; a nursing-bottle, with a prepared teat; and a small pap saucepan, for use by day.

At that Octavius was alarmed and wished to destroy the infant, but Nigidius restrained him, saying that it was impossible for it to suffer any such fate.

You and the story of that doleful night When, Antioch blazing to her topmost towers, You rushed into the murderous flames, returned Blind as the grave, but, as you oft have told me, Clasping your infant Daughter to your heart.

he cried, and a minute later a grey bottle, streaked with cobwebs, was carried in as a nurse bears an infant.

Hitherto, Catharine, thou hast been as one journeying in a darksome and difficult path, and leading an infant by the hand; fain wouldst thou have looked heavenward continually, but still the cares of that little child have drawn thine eyes and thy affections to the earth.

The strict command; Aglauros needs would peep, And saw the monstrous infant in a fright, And called her sisters to the hideous sight: 40

She uttered a shriek that pierced the heart of Rodolph; and laying her infant on the grass, she almost forgot her own fears, and, in an imploring attitude, crept forward towards her imaginary foes while her eloquent eyes pleaded for her child's release more than any words could have done.

Wide yawns the cliff!amid the thirsty throng 410 Rush the redundant waves, and shine along; With gourds and shells and helmets press the bands, Ope their parch'd lips, and spread their eager hands, Snatch their pale infants to the exuberant shower, Kneel on the shatter'd rock, and bless the Almighty Power.

Every instance of indisposition in the nurse is liable to affect the infant.

By his wife, Mary, the daughter of a cabinet-maker in London, he had two sons, one of whom died an infant, and a daughter.

When from illness, suppression of the milk, accident, or some natural process, the mother is deprived of the pleasure of rearing her infant, it becomes necessary at once to look around for a fitting substitute, so that the child may not suffer, by any needless delay, a physical loss by the deprivation of its natural food.

Then the Senate betook itself to considering an appropriation for educating the colored infant.

Infants, as soon as they are raised up, which happens immediately after their decease, are elevated into heaven, and delivered to angels of the female sex, who in the life of the body in the world loved infants, and at the same time feared God.

That mothers and fathers protect and support infants, because they cannot protect and support themselves, is not the cause of that love, but is a rational cause derived from that love's falling into the understanding; for a man, from this cause alone, without love inspired and inspiring it, or without law and punishment compelling him, would no more than a statue provide for infants.

But when parental affection was extinguished, such provision could only be secured by handing over the infant and its portion to the guardianship of the State.

She kissed the long-wished-for infant over and over again; pressed him fondly to her heart; and then, after she had perused each feature with anxious scrutiny, and pointed out some resemblances, such as mothers see, to his father, "Take him," said she, to Madame de Guimenée; "he belongs to the State; but my daughter is still mine."

There are hundreds of persons who will not believe this, and those persons will employ mere boys and girls to teach infants.

The bedstead should be of the usual height of bedsteads, and should be enclosed with a railing sufficient to secure the infant from falling out, but not of such a structure as to hinder, in any degree, a free circulation of the air.

Our mother had secured her small fortune for Kate; and at her death, just before my father's, she gave mean infant a few weeks oldinto my sister's young arms, with full trust that I should be taken care of by her.

no; beware of dire Delay, Ye, who caress your Infants dear: Defer it not from day to day, From month to month, from year to year: 6 Lest you, like me, too late lament, Your Life bereft of all it's joy; Clasp now the Gift so kindly sent,

Some say that Apollo, on account of her infidelity, shot his mother when big with child with him; but repenting the fact, saved the infant, and gave him to Chiron to be instructed in physic.

The king went to the seraglio, and took the young prince in his lap, and thanked God; his mind became easy; pressing the infant to his bosom, he brought it and laid it at the Darweshes' feet; they blessed it, and exorcised all evil spirits from approaching it.

Under the management of a judicious medical practitioner, it may do great good to a few constitutions; but its indiscriminate use would injure a thousand infants for one who was benefited.

He threw a way the infant and saved himself.

Mrs. Willis is still very ill, and there is no hope of her recovery; and Ellen, the pet of the whole householdthe always happy, loving, beautiful young thingwho had been full of delight in the hope of becoming a mother, lies now at the point of death; having lost her infant, and with it her bright anticipations.

At each of her fortnightly journeys, as soon as she had rid herself of her batch of nurses at the different offices, she hastened round the nurses' establishments to pick up infants, so as to take the train homewards the same evening together with two or three women who, as she put it, helped her "to cart the little ones about."

In many a home by them left desolate; Once warm with love, and radiant with the smiles Of woman, watching infants at their wiles, Whose eye of thought, while now they throng her knees, Pictures far other scene than that she sees, For one is wantingone, for whose dear sake, Her heart with very tenderness would ache, As now with anguishdoubled when she spies

Might not this machine be applied as an Hygrometer to some meteorological purpose?] With rage and hate the astonish'd groves alarms, And hurls her infants from her frantic arms.

When we examine a growing infant, one of the first signs by which we judge the awakening of intelligence is the power to pay attention or to "notice things.

Mothers, like the specimen here given, if they happen to have a little sensibility to suffering, and not much love of their offspring, generally know of a shorter way to quiet their infants and procure time to work, than that which is here mentioned.

When all age groups are combined, those aged 14 and under account for 28.14 percent of the young dependent population, which includes infants/babies, children, and young adolescents/teenagers (555).

This must be prevented in future, not by giving medicine, but simply by removing the infant from the nipple immediately it ceases to draw strongly, the moment it begins to dally with the breast.

The principles which ought to guide a parent in clothing her infant are as follows: The material and quantity of the clothes should be such as to preserve a sufficient proportion of warmth to the body, regulated therefore by the season of the year, and the delicacy or strength of the infant's constitution.

If the wisest and best of men ask assistance from God to teach their fellow-men, and feel and know it to be necessary so to do, who would not ask assistance to instruct infants? "To lead them into virtue's path, And up to truth divine."

The Admiral had great need of a suitable agent, and the good of the nation demanded the risk; then, you know, men of humble birth must earn their preferment in cruising elsewhere than at St. James's; for the brave lad is indebted to a wreck, in which he was found an infant, for the very name you find so singular.

But the proud chivalry of the South is securely employed in kidnapping newborn infants.

Why not prevail on the wealthy Phoenicians to refrain from sacrificing their infants to Saturn?

40 The mountain Dyriads seized with joy The smiling infant to their charge consign'd; The Doric Muse caress'd the favourite boy;

And when slave-traders purchase such in the upper country, it is notorious that they not unfrequently either sell their infants, or give them away.

The Sub-Lieutenant hooted a reply, and from among some bushes there came out that serene, intrepid infant with the pole!