22 Verbs to Use for the Word innings

Tesreau pitched first 7 innings of first game and is charged with defeat.

Devore began the first inning with a base hit, but was out trying to steal second.

With thirty-seven to his credit and still undefeated he was making history in the village, though it must be admitted that no one was ever less anxious to retain the post of honour, and when the gardener laid out the damaged fruit nothing short of Kippy's appeal would have persuaded him to continue his innings.

But it had never happened before in the annals of the school that one side, going in first early in the morning, had neither completed its innings nor declared it closed when stumps were drawn at 6.30.

Collins pitched first 7-1/3 innings of second game, Hall followed for 2-2/3 innings and Bedient for 1 inning, but as game was tie no one has defeat or victory charged against him.

The Olympic Committee has selected the evening, 7 P.M., of the 10th of July, for the game, and thought that this would be suitable to the Americans, but as some of the players had to take part in the contests, Mr. Halpin would not risk them then, so it was finally decided that a game should be played the 15th, the Americans to play six innings between themselves and then six innings against us.

"I've got my innings at last," he said.

He gave himself a long innings.

" He could barely get the balls over the plate, but he used his head in a wonderful manner, and the slow ball proved a complete puzzle for Harvard after they had been batting speed all through the game, so they got but one safe hit off Heffiner that inning and no scores.

The longest game of the younger league's season lasted nineteen innings, Washington defeating Philadelphia in that combat 5 to 4, and it was played late in September when the two teams were scrapping for second place.

The Charleston right-fielder opened the third inning with a graceful fly just this side the right-fielder's reach, in that field where base-hits seem to grow most plentifully.

Lobs were being tried, and Stone, nearly weeping with pure joy, was playing an innings of the "How-to-brighten-cricket" type.

And now let's start our innings."

It's a right nice little old world, take it by and large, and I like to help out at whatever comes my way, if it takes fourteen innings.

William Grey pressed them much to try another innings, but they were beaten sulky and would not move.

Besides, I want an innings against that bilge of old Downing's, if I can get it.

before he got to second base the ball he had knocked was coming down, and was almost in the webbed foot of Jimmie Wibblewobble, who was waiting to catch it, and if it was caught that would mean that Buddy would be out, and his side would not win that inning.

The captain commenced his innings with a heart-warming leg hit, which sent the ball to the boundary, a wave of legs and arms marking its track as the spectators, with a joyous yell, rolled over one another to escape being hit.

This brilliant feat, coupled with the gallant manner in which he had continued his innings when hurt, and so enabled Oaks to run up the score, caused the black sheep of the Sixth Form to be regarded as the hero of the day.

In a game of ball they determine "first innings" by "tossing the bat."

Hall was given a base on balls, but Hooper struck out, ending the inning.

Chiffon and patent leather might belong to Bee and Mrs. Jimmie, but here in the Austrian Tyrol, Jimmie and I were getting our innings.

22 Verbs to Use for the Word  innings