103 Verbs to Use for the Word intent

To whom St. Austin sent, showing the intent of his coming from the court of Rome, and said that he had brought to him right joyful and pleasant tidings, and said that if he would obey and do after his preaching that he should have everlasting joy in the bliss of heaven, and should reign with Almighty God in his kingdom.

19-22; Exodus, xxi. 18, 19, are a few, out of many cases stated, with tests furnished by which to detect the intent, in actions brought before them.

"She divined my intent, and quick as was my thought were her two hands; she cast both bowl and sponge into the sea.

"Good friends," said she, looking round upon them happy-eyed, "hither have I summoned ye, for that this night, here before you all, 'tis my intent to wed this noble knight Beltane, son of Beltane Duke of Pentavalon aforetime, who shall henceforth be lord of me and of Mortain.

Later on, we find her intent on the books of Dr. Isaac Watts, his Logic especially, which Dr. Johnson had commended strongly to all who sought the "improvement of the mind.

It is a world to see, when man appoints, And purposely one certain thing decrees, How many things may hinder his intent.

Pico had long entertained a desire to join the fraternity of St. Mark's, but, delaying too long to carry out his intent, was surprised by death at the early age of thirty-two years.

As he ate and drank, the conversations around him blurred together, so that he caught the intent but not the detail, a more relaxing state.

"Nor does the Scriptures cited by thee prove thy intent.

And in a moment I perceived the intent of the Maid; for I did feel the cloak spread over me with a wondrous gentleness; and afterward there did be a soft kiss put upon my hand; and the Maid back then to her pillow; yet, as I did hear, she brought it something more nigh to me; as that she did crave to be near unto me that was her own Love.

In this shape He is watching every feeling of your hearts, discerning your most secret intents, seeing through and through the thoughts which you would confess to no human being, hardly even to yourselves.

VIII When, through dead stone to breathe a soul of light, With the dull matter to unite The kindling genius, some great sculptor glows; Behold him straining every nerve intent Behold

The true meaning of words is always to be ascertained by the subject to which they are applied and the known general intent of the lawgiver.

"The fierce anger of the Lord shall not return, until he have done it, and until he have performed the intents of his heart.

Cary was leaning forward intent upon every word.

"Lord Beltane," quoth Sir Benedict when the meal was ended, "ere I met thee, 'twas my intent this hour to march on Winisfarne, according to my promise to Waldron of Brand, how say you?" "Forsooth," nodded Beltane, "as soon as ye will.

He had lost himself as he had proclaimed his intent to do and in losing had found himself.

Next morning Troilus began to clear His eyes from sleep, at the first break of day, And unto Pandarus, his own Brother dear, For love of God, full piteously did say, We must the Palace see of Cresida; 5 For since we yet may have no other feast, Let us behold her Palace at the least! And therewithal to cover his intent A cause he found into the Town to go, [B]

It was some time before Mrs Damerel could comprehend the full intent and meaning of the sacrifice the girl proposed.

" Lo! now our servants seeing him take the bands, And on his neck himself to make them fast; Without delay set to their cruel hands, And sought to work their fierce intent with haste.

In order to fulfil the intent and promote the purposes of their incorporation, the trustees gave public notice that they were ready to receive applications from such as were disposed to emigrate.

Henshaw listened alertly intent, it seemed, to seize upon any point which did not satisfy him.

She saw him, accompanied by his father and the chaplain, stroll leisurely down the lawn, conversing and affecting an indifferent manner, with a wish to conceal his intent to depart.

Like Shakspere, he can be silent, never hesitating to sweep away the finest lines should they mar the intent, progress, and flow of his poem.

Her father and friends, guessing her intent, on being hailed by her from the top of this rock, dispatched, as the story goes, their fleetest of foot to her rescue, but unavailingly.

103 Verbs to Use for the Word  intent