59 Verbs to Use for the Word intrusions

If any dark, designful strangers should intrude themselves upon the party, unbidden, the gentlemen present should by no means exhibit the slightest disposition to resent the intrusion, or to show fight, as the strangers are sure to be professional thieves, and, as such, ready to commit murder, if necessary.

The high-way, upon which the State House fronted, was covered with earth, to deaden the noise of traffic, and sentries were posted at every means of ingress and egress, to prevent any intrusion upon the privacy of the convention.

Then, turning to Rosa, he said: "Pardon my sudden intrusion, Miss Royal.

"Excuse the intrusion," he said.

You then told me that I should not be troubled with the smoke, (meaning intrusion from settlement.)

He had something in his nature that abhorred intrusion in any society whatsoever; and indeed, it is to be regretted, that he was rather blameable on the other extreme.

It taught me the obviousthat all this idle, vapouring talk was common enough among men of this class, so common that it would hardly justify a murder, would hardly explain an unwarranted intrusion on those who employed me.

"If there was anything I could do at any time, you'd let me know, wouldn't you?" That past tense, those subjunctives, unconsciously called upon her to feel no intrusion.

I learnt that he had been a man of fashion, and at one time largely concerned in adventures on the turf, but that for many years he had devoted himself to his present pursuits; while for some time past, he had been inaccessible and invisible to the world, the house being shut and barricadoed, and the walls of his grounds protected by hurdles, with spring-guns so planted as to resist intrusion in every direction.

"Can you, will you forgive this unceremonious and, I fear, unwished-for intrusion?" was the young stranger's address to Grahame, when he had recovered from the agitation which Lilla's emotion had called forth, he scarcely knew wherefore.

Probably the occupiers did not relish the intrusion of a foreigner.

She had seen, too, that Elsley tried to avoid him, naturally enough not wishing an intrusion on their pleasant têtes-à-tête.

The mother evidently disliked my intrusion, for she started off up stream, followed by her offspring, making towards a withybed a hundred yards or so higher up, where a secluded spring gives capital shelter for duck and other shy birds.

While he daily advanced new pretensions to secure the possession of his superior fief, they expected to find the same advantage, in acquiring stability to their subordinate ones; and they zealously opposed the intrusion of a new lord, who would be inclined, as he was fully entitled, to bestow the possession of their lands on his own favourites and retainers.

But, the right to forbid intrusion for the purpose of killing, per se, and without reference to any trespass on the property, is another.

He was in warlike mood, and welcomed the intrusion.

If we examine the circumstances of the present case, we shall find the sentence neither erroneous nor unjust; we shall find no breach of private confidence, no intrusion into secret transactions.

Mr. Mason at once certainly forgave the intrusion, by asking my opinion as to his fears of having caricatured his poor friend.

"Mother, my own mother, forgive my intrusion; I thought not to have found you thus.

" If we hazarded an intrusion into the domestic circle of Delsarte, we should find one of those pure and happy family groups, fortunately for France by no means rare even in her capital; one of those French homes the existence of which nearly all Englishmen and many Americans deny.

This debate between the Captain and me was hardly over when the three women, led by Miss Rawlins, entered, hoping no intrusion, but very desirous, the maiden said, to know if we were likely to accommodate.

Moreover, Biron, in grasping at sovereignty, had not hesitated to invite the intrusion of foreign and hostile troops into French territory, or to betray the exigencies and difficulties of the army under his own command to his dangerous allies; thus weakening for the moment, and imperilling for the future, the resources of a frank and trusting master; two formidable facts, which justified the severity alike of his King and of his judges.

He knew that the execution of the excise laws involved an intrusion into the privacies of domestic life, and often violated the fireside of the unoffending and quiet tradesman.

He frowned as it was handed him, as if not liking the intrusion into holy routine.

Jacopo Sansovino marks the final intrusion of paganism into modern art.

59 Verbs to Use for the Word  intrusions