162 Verbs to Use for the Word invitation

" The Marquise de L., a charming old lady with white hair, beautiful blue eyes, and pink cheeks, a great friend of the Orleans family, went with me when I made my round of visits to thank the royal ladies for accepting our invitation.

They rode a short time together, and the next day he received an invitation from the officers of a smart Uhlan regiment to dine at their mess "in remembrance of the kind hospitality shown to some of their officers who had been quartered at his place in France during the war."

Prince Bismarck sent out the invitation for the first sitting: [Footnote 1: The Crown Prince represented his father at all the functions.

He was immensely popular, quite sought after socially; but he declined half his invitations and lived a rather quiet existence in the small flat, with its Oriental decorations and violent post-impressions and fierce Chinese weapons, high up in Victoria Street.

I had chanced to pull Pennington's horse out of a hole the day before, and so saved it a broken leg, but I saw now that I should have done better to refuse that invitation, courteously as it was given, and sincere as his gratitude had undoubtedly been.

They oughtn't to have given him a verbal invitation.

Gíw was deputed to repeat the invitation; and he then said, "I shall pay homage to Fríburz, as the heir to the throne, and to no other.

" "Very well," I said, rising and knocking out my pipe, "I will issue the invitation to-morrow.

I don't ever remember having written an invitation all the years we lived in Rome.

Before their departure they extended to me a very cordial invitation to come to their city on a visit, promising that I should be well taken care of.

A knock brought a prompt invitation to "Come in!"

Louise, especially, pressed an urgent invitation upon the new master of Elmhurst to visit her mother in New York, and he said he hoped to see all the girls again.

" "And she must have got him the invitation to Tintern Castle," said Lady Mary.

But Cosh did not need the invitation.

I tried to feel pleased with what Tom had arranged, but in my heart I was very miserable, and just at that moment who should appear but Marjorie and Jack, distributing the pink papers containing the invitation to the service on the shore.

Mathieu had remained standing, awaiting an opportunity to deliver his invitation.

You twisted that foolish woman, the Countess Lanovitch, round your finger, and obtained from her an invitation to Thors.

The tiny Mumbles, sitting beside the chair with his head cocked to one side, suddenly made a prodigious leap and landed in Myrtle's lap, where he began licking her chin and wagging his stumpy tail as if seconding the invitation.

When the fitting difficulty had been overcome downstairs and Moineaud had received his orders, Beauchene returned to his residence accompanied by Mathieu, who wished to convey Marianne's invitation to Constance.

I now renewed the invitation, which he accepted, and accompanied me home.

But as I was passing through this room I could not resist the invitation of Barlow to partake of the refreshments which we saw upon the table.

The man who obeyed the invitation bowed deferentially to his chief and then took a chair in front of him, with the table between.

The double room was covered with a soft, thick carpet, chandeliers depended from the ceiling, frequent mirrors reflecting the brilliant lights enlarged the apparent size the apartment, and a showy bar at one end of the room held forth an alluring invitation which most failed to resist.

However, Miss Stevens could be charming to whomsoever she wished, and before she left Annapolis she had secured invitations to visit the wife of more than one of the officers.

" Mrs. Wilson had wished for, but hardly dared to expect this invitation.

162 Verbs to Use for the Word  invitation