188 Verbs to Use for the Word ironing

Consider, Sir; if you are to melt iron, you cannot line your pot with brass, because it is softer than iron, and would melt sooner; nor with iron, for though malleable iron is harder than cast iron, yet it would not do; but a paste of burnt-bones will not melt.'

The infusion of tea differs from that of coffee, by containing iron and manganese.

Here in New York, the ordinary way of getting iron in the blood is to have a knife run into you by the hand of an assassin; but this is not considered favorable to longevity.

we swaggerers, That live by oaths and big-mouth'd menaces, Are now reputed for the tallest men: He that hath now a black moustachio, Reaching from ear to ear, or turning up, Puncto reverso, bristling towards the eye; He that can hang two handsome tools at his side, Go in disguis'd attire, wear iron enough, Is held a tall man and a soldier.

" Mrs. Watson held the iron to her cheek to test its heat, and listenedtooas Pearl sang: "Casey Jonesmounted to the cabin, Casey Joneswith the orders in his hand, Casey Jonesmounted to the cabin And took his farewell tri-ipto the promised land!"

To produce pig-iron, you need both coal and iron ore; but, if coal becomes more costly, it is possible to economize its use.

The sunbeams came streaming gloriously through the jagged openings of the col, glancing on the burnished pavements and lighting the silvery lakes, while every sun-touched rock burned white on its edges like melting iron in a furnace.

When half-done, hang a pig-iron before the middle part (if this is not obtainable, use a flat iron), to prevent its being scorched and dried up before the ends are done.

While this was going on, Mr Macmichael, perceiving that the operation ought not to be interrupted any more than a surgical one, stood quite still waiting, and Willie stood alsoabsorbed in staring, and gradually creeping nearer and nearer to the anvil, for there were no sparks flying about to make it dangerous to the eyes, as there would have been if they had been striking the iron itself instead of the punch.

Uncle Jake came out of the corrals, carrying a branding-iron and found himself confronted by a short, thick-set man with prominent, slightly congested grey eyes, which shone keenly out of an immense head.

In this condition he walks backwards and forwards for some time, and then throws off the iron.

He dug in quest of ore; found iron in abundance, and did not despair of nobler metals.

They forced me into the chair and bound me there with lashings and a cramp about the head; and then one took a red-iron from the fire upon the floor, and tried it a little way from his hand to prove the heat.

What principle is there, why a loadstone attracts iron?

This was before I was born; but I remember to have seen the irons, and was told that was what they had been used for.

Thus, the bo'sun and I made it our work to make the twelve grooves athwart the flat end of the stock, into which I proposed to fit and lash the bows, and this we accomplished by means of the iron futtock-shroud, which we heated in its middle part, and then, each taking an end (protecting our hands with canvas), we went one on each side and applied the iron until at length we had the grooves burnt out very nicely and accurately.

" They carved in a way that all admired, Tell Blood drawed iron at last, and fired.

As soon as the whale felt these irons in his side, he began to run.

If you heat the iron over the gas or fire (if any) it gets sooty, and if you've golden hair, as I have this yearwell.

"He placed the iron on the anvil without heating it at the forge; he simply hammered it hot and forged nail after nail, without the use of either anvil or bellows.

These are on a very large scale: of course much that we saw was a repetition of what we had seen before, but there were slitting mills, machines for rolling the puddled blooms instead of hammering them, &c., and we had the satisfaction of handling the puddling irons ourselves.

and, I believe, still makes, the best iron and steel in the United Kingdom.

In vain, with clenched teeth, I scoured the immense helmet brought by my uncle the previous eveningscoured it with such fury as almost to break the iron; not an idea came to me.

Some of these are exquisitely manufactured, and so hard that, without turning the edge, they cut ordinary wrought iron and steel.

"Pushing a junk-cart ain't so easy," she said, and for a moment she stood there huddled over the handle; then, taking a long, deep breath, like Grit used to do, she straightened herself and sang out, clear and loud, above the noises of the cavernous street: "Rags ... old iron ... bottles and ra-ags.

188 Verbs to Use for the Word  ironing
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