356 Verbs to Use for the Word island

But he said he could not go home to answer charges he did not understand and leave an island which had been his very successful hobby for so many years!

Before leaving the Spectacle Ponds, we visited a little island at the north end of the middle pond, containing perhaps half an acre.

Eventually, however, we reached the island of Malta, where my wife lived to be over seventy.

Columbus, the Genoese, had discovered the islands along the coast.

He had gone safely more than ten miles down, when suddenly, as he was passing an island, he stood up in his boat, balanced himself, and cocked his gun.

From this place I saw another island to the east, distant from this Juana fifty-four miles, which I called forthwith Hispana, and I sailed to it; and I steered along the northern coast, as at Juana, toward the east, five hundred sixty-four miles.

On the thirty-third day after I departed from Cadiz, I came to the Indian sea, where I found many islands inhabited by men without number, of all which I took possession for our most fortunate King, with proclaiming heralds and flying standards, no one objecting.

One old trout seemed to have made up his mind for a fight, and he chased us more than two miles with his jaws open like a great pair of clamps, as if he'd a mind to swallow us boat and all, and from the size of the openin', I'm bold to say he'd a done it too, if he'd have caught us; but as we rounded an island, he run head foremost, jam against a rock.

At length he came to a spot where there was a great gap in the line of the cliff, where in past times a portion of it had tumbled down, and the stupendous masses of rock had rolled far out into the sea, and now formed islands of black jagged rock, standing high above the water.

We know that the people who inhabit these islands and this commonwealth of nations cannot be pushed on one side, or driven under, or denied a great share in the future ordering of the world.

By that time I was very hungry, but after some searching I came upon some eatable herbs, and a spring of clear water, and much refreshed I set out to explore the island.

A little beyond this street, a few rods only, lay the island of New York in all its original beauty, so that it was but a step from Wall street to the country.

It appears that the Governor of Barbadoes had the power by charter, with the consent of the majority of the council, of dividing the island into manors, lordships, and precincts, and of making freeholders; and though this had not yet been done, Mr. Steele hoped, as a member of council, to have influence sufficient to get his own practice legalized in time.

A parish often contains more islands than one...

Just opposite (ex adverso) is laid down and named the island of Sam Joha, in latitude 46°, the precise latitude of Scatari Island.

" The morning wore, and we rapidly approached the island.

When I had looked about me I began to doubt if I had gained anything by quitting the desolate island.

They were driving home through the forest that surrounded Osterno as the sea surrounds an island.

October 16Germans occupy islands of Runo and Adro in the Gulf of Riga.

Between Shelter Island and the longest or southern prong of the fork, are the waters which compose the haven of Sag Harbour, an estuary of some extent; while a narrow but deep arm of the sea separates this island from the northern prong, that terminates at Oyster Pond.

In half an hour the trio crept out of the tent and, crossing the "island," traversed the trunk bridge.

Thoughts on the late transactions respecting Falkland's islands.

And so, a while later, there rose the moon, and we were able to examine the island and the water between it and the weed-continent, to see whether there was anything stirring; yet neither in the valley, nor on the faces of the cliffs, nor in the open water could we perceive aught living, and as for anything among the weed, it was small use trying to discover it among all that shaggy blackness.

The dissatisfaction of Italy, however, increased, until she withdrew her earlier pledge to Europe and set her navy to the task of seizing one after another the Turkish islands lying in the eastern Mediterranean, After some months of this leisurely appropriation of helpless territories, the Turks yielded the point at issue.

We will not consider Japan's position as a nominal member of the entente, except for her action at the beginning of the war in capturing Kiauchau, China, the German fortified port and naval base in the Orient, and sweeping Germany out of the Pacific by taking the Marshall islands.

356 Verbs to Use for the Word  island