180 Verbs to Use for the Word jealousy

Conon excites the jealousy of the Persians; he retires into Cyprus, where he dies.

Who was the merry-faced girl whose picture had aroused such jealousy or revenge?

To dream of any one else cutting them portends an attempt by some person to create jealousy in the loved one's mind.

If it is true that Britain by her grasping Imperial Commercialism in the past (and let us hope that period is past) has roused jealousy and hatred among the other nations, equally is it true that Germany to-day, by her dreams of world-conquest, has been rousing hatred and fear.

He urged to them that the nations of the earth felt so much jealousy and ill-will towards one another, that they never cordially co-operated in any enterprise for their common interest or glory; and that if any one nation were to send an army into the moon, such a scheme of ambition would afford at once a temptation and pretext for its neighbours to invade it.

Well, I must either resolve never to provoke His Jealousy, or be able to rencounter his Other fury, his Valour; that were a good Resolve if I be not past all hope.

How kind he was to Hagar when she had incurred the jealousy of Sarah!

It is much to his credit that he never showed any jealousy of the men to whom he owed so much.

Edward during these transactions had entertained so little jealousy of the Earl of Warwick or the Duke of Clarence that he sent them with commissions of array to levy forces against the rebels; but these malecontents, as soon as they left the court, raised troops in their own name, issued declarations against the Government, and complained of grievances, oppressions, and bad ministers.

All these triumphs had caused jealousies.

The king's precaution, also, in establishing the several branches of his family, seemed well calculated to prevent all jealousy among the brothers, and to perpetuate the greatness of his family.

We remember his jealousy for religionhis holy indignation when he found that his "GODS" were stolen!

When you are in love you will know, only too well, this jealousy of youless years; this tenderness for photos and trifling remembrances of the youth of the one you love.

It might be conceivable enough that the growth of such a Power might indeed awaken the jealousy of other Continental States, who may fear a rival in such a Power.

He returned to Holland, welcomed by the acclamations of his grateful country, and exciting the jealousy and hatred of all who envied his glory or feared his power.

He was then authorized to promise the non-execution of the penal laws for the present, and their repeal on the restoration of tranquillity; and, lastly, to stipulate for their immediate repeal, if he could not otherwise subdue the obstinacy, or remove the jealousy of the insurgents.

She was very tender towards Grey's condition, and the sight gave me no jealousy, for in that tense hour all things were forgotten but life and death.

But the nobles, with more understanding, looked upon him and forgot their jealousy.

The gentleman from Georgia, has justly stated the jealousy of the Southern States.

Michael Cassio was a young soldier, a Florentine, gay, amorous, and of pleasing address, favourite qualities with women; he was handsome, and eloquent, and exactly such a person as might alarm the jealousy of a man advanced in years (as Othello in some measure was), who had married a young and beautiful wife; but Othello was as free from jealousy as he was noble, and as incapable of suspecting, as of doing, a base action.

But if in heaven a hell we find, 'Tis all from thee, O Jealousy! 'Tis all from thee, O Jealousy!

He pretended to be still Antony's friend and was endeavoring to console him for the disasters inflicted by the Parthians and in that way to cure any jealousy that might be felt at his own victory and the decrees which followed it.

This night I'm wiser grown by observation, My Love and Friendship taught me jealousy, Which like a cunning Spy brought in intelligence From every eye less wary than its own; They told me that the charming Galatea, In whom all power remains, Is yet too feeble to encounter Love; I find she has receiv'd the wanton God, Maugre my fond opinion of her Soul.

But their common friends here interposed; and, representing the necessity of their good correspondence, obliged them to lay aside all jealousy and rancour, and concur in restoring liberty to their native country.

NO DOUBT: DISEASE EXCESS WANT OVERWORK CHILD LABOR And let's avoid jealousy, quarrels, ridicule, meanness, and the rest of the mosquito things.

180 Verbs to Use for the Word  jealousy
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