185 Verbs to Use for the Word jests

Helena, knowing Lysander was her friend Hermia's lover, and that he was solemnly engaged to marry her, was in the utmost rage when she heard herself addressed in this manner; for she thought (as well she might) that Lysander was making a jest of her.

I haven't got the time right now to tell yuh jest how I learned that my foxes was agoin' tuh be in danger; somebody I knew wrote me a letter, and warned me, which'll have tuh be enuff jest now tuh explain.

They in the pride of their feasting began to break their jests in mirthful manner, when they saw one looking so poor and so aged approach.

On hearing some ribald jest he is said to have flung himself back in a chair and expired of sheer merriment.

"Fact is, most o' the family don't know jest where I'm at; and say, between us, I ain't a carin' about tellin' 'em.

Then Will Stutely, who loved a good jest, spoke up.

This adventure created great tumult in the crowd, a few enjoying the jest, but the greater number manifesting ill-will and resentment towards the sportsman.

"Uncle Billy an' me got jest as good a dinner last Fourth o' July at a place in Scranton, an' it didn't cost both of us but seventy cents.

I know a Gentleman that has several Wounds in the Head by Watch Poles, and has been thrice run through the Body to carry on a good Jest: He is very old for a Man of so much Good-Humour; but to this day he is seldom merry, but he has occasion to be valiant at the same time.

In his heart, he knew that a thorough digest of the Wills and Orders of the Orphans' Court of any county must always rank as a useful and creditable performance; but, from without, the sounds and odors of Spring were calling to him, luring him, wringing his very heart, bidding him come forth into the open and crack a jest or two before he died, and stare at the girls a little before the match had flickered out.

The fate of the balloon I do not much lament[1110]: to make new balloons, is to repeat the jest again.

Isak chewed at his beard for a while, then, smiling like a man who understands a jest, he laid some poles across to keep it up.

The day was warm and sultry, so that while most of the band were scattered through the forest upon this mission and upon that, these few stout fellows lay lazily beneath the shade of the tree, in the soft afternoon, passing jests among themselves and telling merry stories, with laughter and mirth.

Before it was taken away Fulvia took it in her hands and after abusing it spitefully and spitting upon it, set it on her knees, opened the mouth, and pulled out the tongue, which she pierced with the brooches that she used for her hair, at the same time uttering many brutal jests.

I didn't blame her a mite, and felt jest the wust kind; so I give in every way, and fetched her raound.

Dull in taking a jest, but almost preternaturally clever in suspecting one, he had disliked Raoul's sallies in proportion as they puzzled him.

If he does not talk, laugh, jest, it will overcome him.

" "Never a jest do I speak," quoth Robin.

SELBY I like your humour, and will meet your jest.

That took her in, or that is part way in, for her money went jest as fur and wuz jest as welcome to heathens and such as if it wuzn't made out of pork.

" "Then here stand I a free man, and right gladly will I enter thy household," said Little John, for he thought he might find some merry jest, should he enter the Sheriff's service.

At once F saw his opportunity to confer a pleasure, but as there is a touch of humor in him, he first played off a jest.

Bayard was measured and fitted with cloth of silver, velvet, and satin, and then went gaily home with his friend, both of them thinking it an excellent jest.

Come on, ye critics, find one fault who dare, For, read it backward like a witch's prayer, 'Twill do as well; throw not away your jests On solid nonsense that abides all tests.

"An' the way they foller her about an' treat her jest ez ef she wuz a princess!

185 Verbs to Use for the Word  jests
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