153 Verbs to Use for the Word joke

" "Do you think anyone is playing an awful practical joke?"

Jack Vance tried to crack a joke, but it was a miserable failure.

Instead of being at all annoyed or disconcerted at the mirth of his class-mates, the youngster seemed rather to enjoy the joke, and immediately rattled out a semi-humorous reply to the master's question, "D I G, dig; G O R Y, goryDiggory: T R E, tre; VAN, van; O C K, ockTrevanock."

The ghost, or whatever it was, was surely making a joke of them that night!

The tenth, "interpretacio," he illustrates by telling a joke, and then amplifying it into a little comedy.

Franks was a pleasant man, who loved a joke.

The comical way in which Bandy-legs said this caused a general laugh; why, even the wondering prisoner on the floor, who, of course, could hardly understand the joke, had to grin at the humorous expression on the boy's face.

He was a sensible chap, and took the joke as a wise man should, especially when the odds are all against him, albeit, it was somewhat rude.

He drank a little, saw the joke, smiled and passed it on to an unsuspecting companion.

He is excellent over a glass of grog; just as pleasant without it; laughs when he hears a joke, and when (which is much oftener)

'Ah, well, Mrs Mitchell is an extremely nice, hospitable woman, and her parties are, I know, considered quite amusing, but I do thinkI really dothat her husband carries his practical jokes and things a little too far.

Lamb repeated the joke about his Works in his "Autobiography" (see Vol. I.) and in "The Superannuated Man."Some record of certain of the old clerks mentioned by Lamb still remains; but I can find nothing of the others.

If the others failed to appreciate that joke, not so Kaviak.

I thought perhaps the King would knight you instead of that horrid little Sir Danby Jilks, and I won't have you knighted anymore!" The Colonel, laughing, says he hopes Egbert won't ask Sir Danby Jilks how many men he has killed; then thinking the joke too severe upon Sir Danby, hastens to narrate some anecdotes about the courage of surgeons in general.

"I like a joke as well as anybody, but it ain't fair to try and make fun of a pore, 'ard-working man like that.

This had been going on for some time when Earle S. Goodrich, the editor of the Pioneer, heard of it, and he accordingly made preparation to perpetrate a huge joke on the Minnesotian.

He looked at me quizzically for a moment, and laughed to himself as though I had uttered a joke.

"STODDART didn't try his good joke to-night.

It's a pleasure to pass a little joke with Miss Phoebe; she's got sech a good ear to ketch their p'ints.

He could tell a story well and turn a joke to a nicety,a fact which I was at that time far from admitting,and under other circumstances I should have found him a witty and amusing friend.

Editors find their own jokes, or do as well without them.

The soldiers laughed, and bandied a few jokes on the comrade alluded to.

" "That's what I call a capital arrangement," said Flora; "and I didn't mean any joke about their money, either.

And still in her momentary rule of attention, she said clearly: "I got a joke.

She encouraged him, yet at the same time she acted as ballast, and was always explaining his jokes; sometimes she was in danger of explaining him entirely away.

153 Verbs to Use for the Word  joke