29 Verbs to Use for the Word jump

" Partridge commenced the over with a hard, straight drive, and at the same instant Thurston gave a little jump into the air with his right arm stretched above his head.

Upweekis was at a disadvantage, for he could not see when he had won; and he generally came down in an hour or two, only to find the wolves hot on his trail before he had taken a dozen jumps.

"Yes," said Thurston, suddenly making the fender jump and rattle with a vicious kick.

The Crees ce'tainly got the jump on 'em this time.

At first she did not get on so well with it and many times I have seen the madam jump at her, pinch and choke her because she was dull in understanding how to do it.

" Stafford bit his lips, and his face wore the expression which came into it when he was facing an ugly jump.

"Besides the boxing match and standing broad jump are the running broad jump; high jumping, a match with foils and a revolver contest.

They were to come in this order: Standing broad jump, running broad jump, high jump, foil match, revolver contest and boxing match.

He was advertised to repeat the feat in a few days, or, as he prophetically announced it his "last jump," meaning his last jump that season.

I won that snuff box from you fairly, because your horse refused a water jump in Baltimore fifteen years ago.

But this was as luckless a jump As ever Kit made, with the clatter Of knife, skimmer, spoon, and a thump, Which she got, as she threw down the platter.

"As you wish, Monsieur," assented Calvert, though somewhat dubiously, as he noted the breadth of the roughened surface, and mentally calculated that to miss the clear jump by a hair's-breadth would ensure a hard, perhaps dangerous, fall.

His Eole, as General Mensier testifies, prolonged a jump as far as fifty metres as early as 1890.

Presently I saw my friend crashing through the brush towards me, and also towards the fields, without his basket, and bare headed, his hair standing straight up, putting in his very best jumps, as if a thousand tigers were at his heels.

" "It is very hard to keep still when you are bursting with hurry to get somewhere," answered Dodo very meekly, but not wholly able to resist an occasional jump.

Should I risk this dangerous jump, or try to regain the woods on the west shore, make a fire, and have only hunger to endure while waiting for a new day?

Do you mean to say you sluiced that much raw jump-and-holler into a woman that can't stand uncooked water?

We use tuh jump an we use tuh ride stick hosses an limbs offn trees.

They were but slight affairs, locally considered, for terrific explosions accompanied every jump of Julius Caesar, and comets don't make any noise.

She rolled over on her side and watched a squirrel jump onto the trunk of a maple and wait, tail curled, listening.

" "I believe you could, Annemake me jump.

He was advertised to repeat the feat in a few days, or, as he prophetically announced it his "last jump," meaning his last jump that season.

Andy had heard one of the workers describe to a new hand all the excitement, bustle and novelty attending a jump from one town to another.

His recklessness and courage are still spoken of with awe; and the place where he cleared the water jump that every one else avoided is pointed out as Travers's Leap to visiting horsemen, who look at it gloomily and shake their heads.

HE Kiki, my beautiful Kiki, come jump on my knee, or on my shoulder.

29 Verbs to Use for the Word  jump