256 Verbs to Use for the Word keys

"That night he turned over to me the key of the large chest and his ledger.

"Henry," she said, "have you taken my keys?

"You'd better be giving the key to me," said Mrs. Gilligan.

The cipher note evidently had direct connection with the attack on Browse, but the translation of the letter was in itself like finding a key without knowing the whereabouts of the lock which it fitted.

I remembered that my pocket held the church-key.

He began a course of Sunday evening lectures, to which the people flocked in crowds; but the churchwardens locked the church doors and carried off the keys.

Acton, as head of the school, kept the key, and having unfastened the door, summoned his followers inside to hold an impromptu council of war and discuss the situation.

Have you got the key about you?" He fumbled in his pocket, and presently produced a bunch of keys.

We must hand him the keys of the citadel.

The saints' days you speak of have long since fled to heaven with Astræa, and the cold piety of the age lacks fervor to recall them; only Peter left his key,the iron one of the two that "shuts amain,"and that is the reason I am locked up.

But scarcely had she touched the keys before she heard voices out in the rain and feet upon the piazza.

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She found "Ninety-six" easily enough, inserting the key and opening the door upon darknessa warm darkness that came flowing out scented.

"Bring me the key, will you?"

Their guide had already drawn a key from a pocket, and had unsnapped the heavy padlock.

"I can't think how it is," he continued, in his sing-song tone, "I'm always losing my key.

He fitted the key in the lock and turned it, then his hand fell by his side.

He knew that she would hear of it if he went to any saloon in town; so he stole the key from your bunch, and went to help himself out of the club-house wine-vault.

I fastened the padlock again, and threw the key into the hedge, for Noaks had left it in the keyhole; so now he won't be able to get his lock again unless he either breaks it or the staple, and they're both pretty tough.

He insisted that I should deliver him the keys, threatening to punish me if I did not.

There are those who say you purposely left this window unfastened when you went about the house the day before; that you dropped the keys in her house where they would be sure to be found, and drove down to the station and stood about there for a good half hour, in order to divert suspicion from yourself afterwards and create an alibi in case it should be wanted.

He led the way to the store-room, produced the key, and throwing open the door, Maud was weeping on Robert Willoughby's bosom in another instant.

" On the following evening, as soon as tea was over, the two friends slipped off down into the playground, where they were joined a minute later by Acton, who, unlocking the shed, took down from the peg on which it hung the key of the door in the outer wall.

They'd have had the silver, only Mason had thrown it into the plate-chest, all dirty as it was, locked it up and hid the key.

" While Gino stood half stupified and half delighted at this proposition, the ready and wily Annina made some slight change in her outer garments, placed a silken mask before her face, applied a key to the door, and beckoned to the gondolier to follow.

256 Verbs to Use for the Word  keys