105 Verbs to Use for the Word lambs

" "Yes, or who wants to be Red Riding Hood's wolf and eat up Mary's little lamb?" "Oh, it isn't like that; it's a reunion, you know, and all the Mother Goose children are grown up, and they talk about old times.

James Donnington, convicted at the same Assizes of stealing a lamb.

Also how it was with Peter when the threefold charge was given him to feed the lambs and the sheep.

Next day, being the eve of the festival of the Virgin, he killed a fat lamb to entertain me, part of which he roasted, and part was boiled; and though contrary to the rules of our religion to eat meat on that day, I made a hearty meal, notwithstanding that every thing was disgustingly dirty.

It was political spite, also, that was at the bottom of the conduct of a creditor, who caused the rector to be arrested for debt, at the church door, after a baptismal service, and hurried off to Lincoln Castle, "leaving his lambs among so many wolves."

In the stockyard he met her coming up from the sheepfold, carrying a young lamb in her arms.

As for the peasant, the next day, as soon as dawn, he took a lamb, put it into a sack, tied it up, went into the court-yard and hung it up.

That they would fall off in flesh, and half of them lose their lambs in the spring, was an expected thing.

Almost upon the hour came the reporting angel bearing the sacrificial lamb in the shape of an assault committed at a country-house on the Pasig, where certain friars were spending the heated season.

When your lamb is boil'd lay it in the dish, and pour upon it a little parsley, butter and green gooseberries coddled, then lay your fried lamb round it; take some small asparagus and cut it small like peas, and boil it green; when it is boil'd drain it in a cullender, and lay it round your lamb in spoonfuls.

That He of whom it is written that, "as a lion, so will He break all my bones; from day even to night wilt Thou make an end of me;" is the same as He of whom it is written, "He shall gather the lambs in His arms, and carry them, and shall gently lead those that are with young;" and, again, "as a beast goeth down into the valley, so the Spirit of the Lord caused him to rest?"

When my blank verse is finished, or any long fancy poem, "propino tibi alterandum, cut-up-andum, abridgeandum," just what you will with, it: but spare my ewe-lambs!

When he said the beasts of party color should be mine, then all the ewes brought forth lambs of variable colors.

The Holy Grail, or the Sangreal, was the dish said to have held the Paschal lamb at the Last Supper, and to have been possessed by Joseph of Arimathea.

While deliberating on the right path, a little girl, looking very wretched, with blurred face and torn clothes, came round a corner, and asked us if we had seen a lamb anywhere.

Major Denham, in his "Travels in Northern and Central Africa," says "one merchant bought a fine lamb for two bits of amber, worth, I should think, about two-pence each in Europe; two needles purchased a fowl; and a handful of salt, four or five good-sized fish from the lake (Tchad).

Many New Yorkers remember the firm of Melville & Ford, the cleverest pair of confidence men who ever undertook to fleece the wealthy lambs of the metropolis.

His tender cries And helpless innocencedo they protect The infant lamb?

I wrapped the lamb in my coat, took it to the house, made a fire, and heated some milk.

she faltered, "what have I done?" "Nothing, my poor child," said the father, suddenly turning toward her with recovered calmness and dignity; "but I behold in thee a fair lamb whom the roaring lion is seeking to devour.

Eagles and coyotes, no doubt, capture an unprotected lamb at times, or some unfortunate beset in deep, soft snow, but these cases are little more than accidents.

They then led him off, but on the road they caught a lamb and when they got to the jungle they killed the lamb and steeped the clothes of the merchant's son in the blood that they might have something to show to the Prince and then went back leaving the boy in the jungle.

She rises before the sun to order the horses to their gears, and sees them well rubbed down at their return from work; she attends the dairy morning and evening, and watches when a calf falls that it may be carefully nursed; she walks out among the sheep at noon, counts the lambs, and observes the fences, and, where she finds a gap, stops it with a bush till it can be better mended.

YOUNG LAMBS TO SELL If I'd as much money as I could tell, I never would cry young lambs to sell; Young lambs to sell, young lambs to sell; I never would cry young lambs to sell.

After the prayer, the major-domo laid the knife for cutting the lamb on the table before Jesus, who placed a cup of wine before him, and filled six other cups, each one of which stood between two Apostles.

105 Verbs to Use for the Word  lambs