173 Verbs to Use for the Word landscape

I wish I had as lovely a green To paint my landscapes and my leaves!

We have seen a landscape of a justly admired neoteric, in which he aimed at delineating a fiction, one of the most severely beautiful in antiquitythe gardens of the Hesperides.

The white houses among the trees, and the vines on the hill-sides, form a picturesque landscape.

"Now fades the landscape on the sight."

I had surveyed the landscape through the prism of poetry, which tinged every object with the hues of the rainbow.

Long before it grew too dark to watch the landscape we were wholly converted to Grim's argument that Syria was no place for a man of Feisul's calibre.

So that, upon one occasion, when he was exhibiting to us a landscape he had just completed, I hazarded the critical question, why he painted his trees so blue?

At such times Peter had leisure to carefully study the monotonous landscape, and he could not help but notice that the disparity in the size of the barn and that of the house in many cases was very great.

"There's no use," said Drusilla at last; "one can draw a landscape from every point of view except looking down hill.

I have wandered somewhat far from the question of the beer and the porcelain, and yet I think you will find that the sequence is not lacking, and that the little window commands a large landscape.

This gave the landscape, in spite of the African warmth and brightness of the day, a gray and almost wintry aspect.

The sunshine flooded the landscape on every side.

After the traveler has enjoyed the numerous attractions of that wealthy city, traversed its beautiful avenues, viewed a strikingly noble landscape from "The Heights," and explored those charming environs which extend for miles up and down the Willamette, there remains perhaps the most invigorating and healthful trip of alla journey either by STREAM, SOUND, OR SEA.

The sunlight had that orange glow that comes only on autumn evenings, the long, slant rays striking across the yellow fields and lighting up the dark evergreens which dotted the landscape with a tawny illumination, like dull flames.

Halfway between Fourstones and Hexham, the two streams of North and South Tyne unite, and flow together down to the old town of Hexham, with its quaintly irregular buildings clustering in picturesque confusion round its ancient Abbey, which dominates the landscape from whatever point we approach.

The Alhambra was dwindled to a speck, and I took my last view of it and the magnificent landscape which lies spread out before it.

We then ascended, for about three miles, with far fatigue than I formerly experienced in climbing the Catskill mountains of my native State, and found ourselves on the summit of an extensive ridge, which formed the margin of a vast elliptical basin, the bottom of which presented a most beautiful landscape.

How to plan the home landscape.

The officers of the Ninth German Army Corps swept the landscape with their glasses, but the level plains gave nothing to their sight.

Even these desultory snow-flakes ceased, at times, altogether; and returning, as they say, "by fits and starts," left for long intervals the landscape, under the brilliant light of the moon, in its wide white shroud.

Could we have been here to observe during the glacial period, we should have overlooked a wrinkled ocean of ice as continuous as that now covering the landscapes of Greenland; filling every valley and cañon with only the tops of the fountain peaks rising darkly above the rock-encumbered ice-waves like islets in a stormy seathose islets the only hints of the glorious landscapes now smiling in the sun.

Presently he turned a grinning face to the captain, who was scanning the landscape through his glass.

" On either side of the road, blotting out the landscape, giant hands picked out in electric-light bulbs pointed the way to Hunter's Island Inn.

Prince Kumal Khan received me in his father's durbar-chamber, a cheerless, whitewashed apartment, bare of furniture save for a somewhat rickety "throne" of painted wood, and a huge white linen punkah, overlooking a dreary landscape of barren desert and mud roofs.

I don't know,' he said, looking round him, his eyes full of reverie, 'that the public liked my fancy landscapes better than the ship on fire, but I said the public will come to them in time, and I continued my fancy landscapes.

173 Verbs to Use for the Word  landscape