79 Verbs to Use for the Word lashes

Radoux, an architect, Deluc, Mallarmet, Félix Bony, Luneau, an ex-Captain of the Republican Guard, Camille Berru, editor of the Avénement, gay, warmhearted, and dauntless, and that young Eugène Millelot, who was destined to be condemned at Cayenne to receive 200 lashes, and to expire at the twenty-third stroke, before the very eyes of his father and brother, proscribed and convicts like himself.

The black man whisked him like a child into the saddle, gave the horse the lash, and away he galloped, with Tom on his back, in the midst of the thunder-storm.

For her voice had been already heard in many lands of Christendom; and she had pined in the cells of a Catholic Inquisition before she felt the lash and lay in the dungeons of the Puritans.

Thus Helen the Proud, the Beautiful, yielded her lips to his Now did she look on him 'neath drooping lash, sweet-eyed and languorous Beltane stood up armed in shining mail from head to foot So came Winfrida, and falling on her knee gave the goblet into her lady's hand

But he principally excelled in satire, and so fond was he of indulging this dangerous talent that no one escaped his lash; if he could only bring out a sarcasm, it was matter of indifference to him whether an enemy or a brother smarted under its severity.

There the overseer met her and inflicted fifty more lashes upon her already lacerated back.

His wrath arose, His arm our fetters broke; The tyrant dropped the lash, and we To liberty awoke!

You know I did?" She raised her lashes, a trifle uncertainly, and withdrew her hand from his, a trifle slowly.

After her first glance at him she had lowered her lashes.

He took his thirty-nine lashes, recanted, and lay across the threshold of the synagogue for all his brethren to walk over him.

Go to your task, and if one fails me, it will mean the lash at the mast-butt.

For these, and the like crimes, the slaves are whipped thirty-nine lashes, and sometimes seventy or a hundred, on the bare back.

"Oh, quite enough to get, sir, as the soldier said ven they ordered him three hundred and fifty lashes," replied Sam.

McCready straightened, and quick as a shot sent the long lash of his whip curling out into the night with a crack like a pistol report.

Then very swiftly her arm rose, and she laid the lash of her whip roundly over his shoulders.

"What ef he should die?" they whispered among themselves, repentant enough of their late condemnation of him and already desolate at the thought of his leaving this little haven with them for the "great haven" over there; and the whisper reaching the sickroom, Abe's fever would rise, while he could never lift his lashes except to see the specter of helpless old age on one side of the bed and death upon the other.

The slave, seeing no end of his labour, stands over the work, and only throws the hoe to avoid the lash.

The Whigs feared the lash of his satire; the Tories feared to lose his support.

Ruskin is angry with him for neglecting to show the splashing of the water in the vessel, but it would be quite possible for no splashing to be visible, especially if the pouring had only just begun; but for Ruskin's strictures you must go to "Mornings in Florence," where poor Ghirlandaio gets a lash for every virtue of Giotto.

But to hold up wisdom and virtue to our admiration, is better than to apply the lash, however dexterously, to vice and folly.

The house servant was called to the master's chamber, where he received 75 lashes, very severe too; and I could not only hear every lash, but each groan which succeeded very distinctly as I lay in my bed.

To break up assemblies for this purpose any judge or justice of the peace could issue a warrant to apprehend such persons and inflict corporal punishment not exceeding twenty lashes.

The negro, having been a driver, rolled the lash of his whip round his hand, and said he would not be whipped at that time.

WILLIAM WHITEHEAD FROM ON RIDICULE Our mirthful age, to all extremes a prey, Even, courts the lash, and laughs her pains away, Declining worth imperial wit supplies, And Momus triumphs, while Astraea flies.

He passed the lash slowly through his fingers, while surveying the stallion with great complacence.

79 Verbs to Use for the Word  lashes
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