8 Verbs to Use for the Word lathe

Specialization has made so many divisions in the work that it has resulted in developing men for special branches, so that today we have relatively few men who can skillfully operate for instance the engine lathe and planer.

About a week after this I got a letter from him, asking me to come again as soon as I might, he having cut his hand with a chisel, "so that I cannot work my lathe, and having nothing to occupy my mind, do plague myself beyond endurance.

In that heap of rubbish he had found a lathe for turning irregular forms, and a screw-cutting engine once used by Peter himself: specimens of his unfinished work were still in them.

Or learn how to use a lathe.

From that further line, at half-past seven on the summer morning for ever blazoned in the annals of our people, the British Army went over the parapet, to gather in the victory prepared for it by the deadly strength and accuracy of British guns; made possible in its turn by the labour in far-off England of millions of workersmen and womenon the lathes and in the filling factories of these islands.

And it was a bit staggeringall their work and machinery and tools and plans utterly ruinedthe lathe and drill a heap of twisted iron.

He made all his own tools for working in wood and metals, and he constructed a lathe, by which he cut a perpetual screw in brass, a thing but little known, and which was the invention of Mr. Henry Hendley of York.

He would buy the most expensive and elaborate lathe, and spend a month trying to make a true billiard ball at it.

8 Verbs to Use for the Word  lathe