180 Verbs to Use for the Word lawyer

he asked the lawyer, rising limply to his feet when the beverage was brought, and drinking it with considerable noise.

the man who consults a lawyer without the preparatory retainer, is a wretch too deep-dyed to reform!"

" "I shall not neglect it, you may be sure," replied the lawyer.

"You are seeing him," retorted the young man, with a fleeting smile, "and I'll bet you two to one that if you came here on business you will presently go away and find another lawyer.

Joe Foster set the, ball rolling by asking Ralph how much he had to pay his lawyer.

Napoleon told the lawyers who drafted the Code that he insisted on one thing alone.

" "Dabney," exclaimed the lawyer in a louder tone of voice.

"She's trying to save himhe must be caught somewhere!" cried the lawyer, and both men started at full speed to reach the spot by the round-about paths through the garden.

She married a poor lawyer, too, after persistently refusing me because I was poor.

In accordance with his plan he employed a lawyer named Lewland to come to my place of business, which he did, and demanded of me to pay Capt.

Even as a youth of twenty-one he assumed absolute control in his courts with a knowledge and capacity which made him fully able to meet trained lawyers, such as his chancellor, Thomas, or his justiciar, De Lucy.

The traveller, if admitted as a stranger to these grand assemblages, would have seen but few lawyers, except of the very highest distinction, perhaps here and there a bishop or a dean with the paraphernalia of clerical rank, but no physician, no artist, no man of science, no millionaire banker, no poet, no scholar, unless his fame had gone out to all the world.

Once in a while a stranger sees my sign and needs a lawyer, so he climbs the stairs.

"You need not come with me to the station, sir," said he; "but, if you wish to assist me, please send me a lawyer and then go to the Continental and tell Mr. Goldstein of my predicament.

One morning late in Summer, he asked grandpa to bring a lawyer and witnesses so that he could make his will.

" "Uncle John has engaged a lawyer," announced Patsy, "and if he proves bright and intelligent he ought to be able to free Ajo.

"Be silent!" demanded the lawyer, sternly.

More than likely he'll try to hire some shyster lawyer to fight for the treasure in the courts.

The public had come to regard his absence from Birmingham at this critical moment as decidedly remarkable, to say the least of it, and all those who did not know the lawyer by sight wished to see him in his Inverness cape and Glengarry cap such as he had appeared before the several witnesses on the night of the awful murder.

The latter part of Charles Feist's deposition was certainly more in the nature of an argument than of evidence pure and simple, and it might not be admitted in court; but Isidore Bamberger had instructed his lawyer, and the Public Prosecutor would say it all, and more also, and much better; and public opinion was roused all over the United States against the Nickel Tyrant, as Van Torp was now called.

"Yes." "What? 'Lullaby?'" "Yes," muttered the lawyer.

"I'll do the best I can, Jane," repeated the old lawyer.

"Haven't they now?" remarked the elder lawyer.

It was he who set the native lawyer unceremoniously aside and urged competent representation in London.

" "You have advised lawyers to non-co-operate by suspending their practice.

180 Verbs to Use for the Word  lawyer