154 Verbs to Use for the Word leafing

Let him turn over a new leaf at once.

So he tore out a fly-leaf from the big Bible, and jotted down notes of the meeting,"An outpouring of the loyal heart of West Virginia,"and yawned, ready for bed, contented with the world, himself, and God.

He took a leaf of the tree, applied it to his eyes, and was healed.

If he dropped a leaf on the surface it would hasten down stream, and toss about and fret impatiently against anything that stood in its way, until, making its escape, it would quickly hurry out of sight.

Mary roamed about with a swifter footstep, looking at the roses, plucking off a dead leaf, or a cankered bud here and there.

This carpeted the soil with broad leaves shaped something like those of the laurel, and in colour exactly resembling a withered laurel leaf, but somewhat thicker, more metallic and brighter in appearance, and perfectly free from the bitter taste of the bay tribe.

Whoever chews a leaf of this tree was long said to be inspired with sweet melody of voice, an allusion to which is made by Moore, in "Lalla Kookh:":"His voice was sweet, as if he had chewed the leaves of that enchanted tree which grows over the tomb of the musician Tan-Sein.

My uncle writes to me this very day That if he held in his own hands the leaf Of my life's destiny he'd blot it out.

Phibbs wheeled her slowly along the narrow paths between the beds, and she stopped frequently to fondle a blossom or pull away a dead leaf or twig from a bush.

The gentlest wind brings down the serest leaf.

And "If you would have fruit, you must carry the leaf to the grave;" which Ray explains, "You must transplant your trees just about the fall of the leaf," and then there is the much-quoted rhyme: "Fruit out of season, Sorrow out of reason.

The portals shake, the bars are bowed, As if an earthy wind That never bore a leaf or cloud Were pressing hard behind.

The four-leaved clover is a magic talisman which enables its wearer to detect the whereabouts of fairies, and was said only to grow in their haunts; in reference to which belief Lover thus writes: "I'll seek a four-leaved clover In all the fairy dells, And if I find the charmed leaf, Oh, how I'll weave my spells!"

" "He has eaten a leaf of this book," said Charles; "and if you do not tell me whose book it is I will have your flesh torn from your bones by red-hot pincers.

Mercy walked lingeringly, each moment stopping to pick up some new leaf which seemed brighter than all the rest.

Peel the onions and cut them in halves; put them in a stewpan, with just sufficient water to cover them, and add the bay-leaf, ham, cayenne, and mace; be careful to keep the lid closely shut, and simmer them until tender.

Then, when I had made an end of writing, I gave the leaf to the bo'sun, and he enclosed it in the oilskin bag, after which he gave the signal for those in the hulk to haul on the smaller line, and this they did.

The cord was found in its place; and, hauling on it gently, Joel was soon certain that he had removed the wedge, and that force might speedily throw down the unhung leaf.

It hugs the ground, grows roots from stem joints where no roots should be, grows a slender leaf or two and twice as many erect full catkins that rarely, even in that short growing season, fail of fruit.

The captain left the gate, too, and even the men, who were just about to raise the last leaf, suspended their toil.

Juanita Sterling caught a leaf in her hand and held it.

Lay in a baking-pan with 1 sliced onion, 2 celery roots, 3 cloves of garlic and 2 carrots cut fine, 1 bay-leaf, a sprig of thyme and a few peppercorns.

And presently he reached out very carefully, and noiselessly broke leaf and branch and twig until a passage was cleared for his eye and for the point of the pistol that was gripped in his right hand.

They may be very bad hands at remembering anything else; but they never forget the silly speeches and actions on which one would like to shut down the leaf.

Not that the form of the arch is intended to imitate a leaf, "but to be invested with the same characters of beauty which the designer had discovered in the leaf."

154 Verbs to Use for the Word  leafing
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