26 Verbs to Use for the Word leaks

After waiting for some time, that she might ween this terrible truth, Mr. P, concluded that there was nothing to do but to spring a leak.

" Mrs. Clifford, who stood looking on, was quite amused at the idea of calling the chambermaid to stop a leak in the ship.

Having repaired the leak in the boat, we again moved up the river, but at one and a half miles came to a dry bar of rock, over which the boats were carried, and we passed a shallow pool of brackish water half a mile long to a second bar of greater breadth, and then entered a deep reach; but the day was so far advanced that we took advantage of a level rocky ledge and bivouacked.

It was necessary to close this leak at once.

Now I had not felt any call to sleep, and so had followed the bo'sun to the boat, giving him a hand to remove the bottom-boards, and finally to slue her bottom a little upwards, so that he might examine the leak more closely.

We had a very prosperous gale till we arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, where we landed for fresh water; but discovering a leak, we unshipped our goods and wintered there; for the captain falling sick of an ague, we could not leave the Cape till the end of March.

As he entered the wine-shop he snorted, after the manner of gas-men, "Where's de leak?" "You find-a da leak," grunted Albano.

You've explained and explained, but how a plumber's calling here to fix a laundry leak is to rebuke the administration at Washington is still far beyond me.

"Say," I said in the toughest voice I could assume, "you got a leak.

Dis ol' house aint fitten fer nobody t' live in; winder glass gone an' roof leaks.

that part of the ship threatened soon to be beaten down, and I felt afraid the cat-head would be torn violently out of the ship, leaving a bad leak.

Neither the Duke of Burgundy nor the Duke of Berry had calculated upon this resolution; they submitted, without making any objection, but not without letting a little temper leak out.

Puttin' tew people in No. 30 is out of the questionit's jest erbout the size of a Cinderella shoebox, anyhow, an' the garret leaks" She paused, for Blossy was pulling at her sleeve, the real Blossy, warmhearted, generous, self-deprecating.

This opened a crack through which a small stream of water must constantly pour, each hour rendering the leak more dangerous by loosening the oakum, and raising the plank from its curvature.

The tank showed a leak, which for some reason increased so rapidly that a pail of water had to be added about every half-mile.

I doubt whether we shall ever understand some of them without using the very letter of Fechner's conception of a great reservoir in which the memories of earth's inhabitants are pooled and preserved, and from which, when the threshold lowers or the valve opens, information ordinarily shut out leaks into the mind of exceptional individuals among us.

Has it sprung a leak?" asked Mr. Tarbill, for he saw that something was troubling the commander.

The cause is not known, but soon after starting a leak developed, beyond the capacity of the pumps.

I rose after jamming the jacket to staunch the leak, and turning towards Jack I perceived him standing by the bulwark, with the moon beyond.

Meanwhile our good friend Miller attacked the leak and traced it to the stern.

" That afternoon, while the canoe dried and hardened, we spent trying to fish, testing the leak, collecting wood, and watching the enormous flood of rising water.

"We call this entrance trench the Handle, and the trench that runs out from behind that barricade the Leak.

Watchmen are stationed along these embankments and when the ocean breaks a leak, they will ring the alarm bells and every body will arm himself with a spade or shovel and run to the sea-shore to battle with the water.

" The leak on the Resolution was attended to, and in places the oakum caulking was found to have disappeared completely; one writer says it was caused by rats, and that the ship was saved by rubbish having choked up the leak.

All was now a scene of confusion; some applied themselves diligently to the pumps, and others sought to diminish the leak by stretching a sail across the gap, while the passengers hurried, some one way, and some another, as if in a state of frenzy.

26 Verbs to Use for the Word  leaks