3 Verbs to Use for the Word legerdemain

We of Lichfield have always said that he and Jack Charteris were the most dangerous men that even Lichfield has ever produced" "Why, do people really find Mr. Charteris particularly attractive?" Patricia demanded, so quickly and so innocently that Mrs. Pendomer could not deny herself the glance of a charlatan who applauds his fellow's legerdemain.

" That brought him down off his high horsethat is, muleand I sent the deputy in with him with directions to toss his clothes out to me, for I wanted to keep my eye on Miss Cullen and her brothers, so as to prevent any legerdemain on their part.

And so in this matter there are certain test facts which upset the adroitest statistical legerdemain.

3 Verbs to Use for the Word  legerdemain