133 Verbs to Use for the Word legislation

The Constitution declares that "the Congress shall have power to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever" over the District of Columbia.

It is in the times when you have but farmers on the one side, as in the Shay Rebellion in Massachusetts after the Revolution, or when the proletariat on the one side is opposed to the bourgeoisie on the other, as in certain Continental countries, that you find radical legislation.

In February, 1837, the Senate of Massachusetts "Resolved, That Congress having exclusive legislation in the District of Columbia, possess the right to abolish slavery and the slave trade therein, and that the early exercise of such right is demanded by the enlightened sentiment of the civilized world, by the principles of the revolution, and by humanity."

So intense did the feeling become that President Jackson thought it advisable to recommend legislation excluding Abolition literature from the mails.

It was the institution of a new House, a new representation of the people and of the States to secure uniform legislation on those questions wherein the Federal Governments could not act because of Constitutional limitation.

But again, Maryland and Virginia, in their acts of cession, declare them to be "in pursuance of" that clause of the constitution which gives to Congress "exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over" the ten miles squarethus, instead of restricting that clause, both States gave an express and decided confirmation of it.

The faculty is the legislative body, with the student body as a sort of lower house, cooperating in enacting the legislation for its own government.

With a solid South and a divided North, he could have compelled a favorable compromise, or prevented any legislation at all.

Congress, by possessing "exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever," has a general protective power for ALL the inhabitants of the District.

The power of Congress over the District is restricted only by those principles that limit ordinary legislation, and, in some respects, it has even wider scope.

But the Reichstag can neither initiate legislation nor secure the appointment or dismissal of Ministers.

Second, the matter of the preservation of the winter supply of food and protection of animals while enjoying this supply is the most difficult part of the whole problem, because it involves the acquisition of land which has already been taken up by settlers and which is not covered by the present forest reserve machinery, and which I fear in many instances will require new legislation.

Again, in 1824, James Montgomery, the poet, edited a bookThe Chimney-Sweepers' Friend and Climbing Boys' Albumwith the benevolent purpose of interesting people in the hardships of the climbing boys' life and producing legislation to alleviate it.

Mr. Balfour, the leader of the Conservative party, realized that although he was in a small minority in the House of Commons, yet he could still control legislation, and when he saw how effectively the destructive weapon of the veto could be used he became bolder, and, as with all vicious habits, increased indulgence encouraged appetite.

The Negro and his friends will then have a clean-cut issue to take to the forum of public opinion, and a distinct ground upon which to demand legislation for the enforcement of the Federal Constitution.

For instance, a citizen desiring legislation on any matter may formulate a bill for consideration by the legislature.

But in fairness it must also be said that in adopting this legislation the Southern community largely belied itself, for whereas the laws were systematically drastic the citizens in whose interest they were made and in whose hands their enforcement lay were in practice quite otherwise.

They know, that to sacrifice the design and main object of that building to its occasional and incidental uses, would be an absurdity no greater than would Congress be guilty of in shaping its legislation to the views of the thirty thousand white inhabitants of the District of Columbia, at the expense of neglecting the will and interests of the nation.

But it was a half-measure and did not affect British legislation, which had for its object the utter annihilation of American commerce.

Hamilton was outspoken in preferring the English model, and I am not aware that Washington ever expressed a preference for the theory that, because of a written fundamental law, the court should nullify legislation.

For example; there is one thing that can be done anywhere, and whenever enough votes can be assembled to carry through the necessary legislation.

Carrying the fight against the Negro still further, these laboring classes used their influence to obtain legislation against the employment of Negroes in certain pursuits.

If woman shall ever rise to the full height of her power and privileges in this direction, she will have enough of the world's work upon her hands without attempting legislation.

But, on the whole, such success attended his legislation, that every thing bore suddenly a new face in England: robberies and iniquities of all kinds were repressed by the punishment or reformation of the criminals

It is the same kind of sentiment which must he aroused, and aroused in time, to bring about Government legislation if we are to preserve our native animals.

133 Verbs to Use for the Word  legislation