41 Verbs to Use for the Word liar

and told me about a chap that spent three weeks in the London 'Orsepittle for calling 'im a liar.

and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee; and thou shalt tread upon their high places.

You cannot believe a liar even when he tells the truth.

" "Unless it be that all women love liars," Vincent ventured, jocosely.

" "If I believed that," the sad knight replied, "I should kill myself now to prove you a liar.

And because of these things, and the kindness in which I stood to thee, it grieves me sore that thou shouldst return such a remarkable liar.

No man will take it well that another should either call or account him a liar; and can they think that Christ shall take it well at their hands, to be accounted by them a liar?

But society does nothing, can do nothing, with the parent who injures the child's soul, breaks his will, makes him grow up a liar or a coward, or murders his faith.

"You consummate liar, you!

Thou hast a right to rule thyself; to be The thing thou wilt; to grin, to fawn, to creep: To crown these clumsy liars; ay, and we Who knew thee once, we have a right to weep.

I had to go out of town yesterday, and this Daffy, this cursed liar and swindler, used the opportunity to sell up my furniture.

But, mother of me, they were daring liars!

Everybody detests a liar and despises a thief.

Shakespeare does not dislike liars, thieves, and murderers as such, and he does not pretend to dislike them.

But Bob's eyes lighted in a way that made me feel a deliberate liar.

Don't lie; I hate liars.

It was bad enough having a slacker in my patrol without having a liar.

Don't you remember how John O'Neill heard the words 'liar' and 'deceit'?

And that implies a liar.

I waive my rank for the sweet privilege of killing this liar.

"The Lord loveth a cheerful liar.

"No passion," as Southey says, "makes a man a liar so easily as vanity.

I can't believe meself not to mind a liar like you.

I will outface this blasphemous liar, whoever he may be.

Ay, do not play the liar, For he comes here himself to shrive.

41 Verbs to Use for the Word  liar