412 Verbs to Use for the Word lip

He then bit his lips with vexation, and challenged one of the bystanders to play for a smaller stake.

A minute came and went in strained silence; yet I could hear nothing, and I turned to Tonnison to say as much; and then, even as I opened my lips to speak, there came a strange wailing noise out of the wood on our left....

" He started when I said this, and pressed his lips firmly together.

" The words had hardly passed the speaker's lips when the whole room was in an uproar.

And there I sat, full of dazed wonders, until the flame of the match burnt my finger, and I dropped it; while a hasty expression of pain and anger, escaped my lips, surprising me with the sound of my own voice.

He might have kissed her lips, her look into his eyes was almost an invitation, but, having steeled himself to be scrupulously fair, he refrained and contented himself with kissing her hand.

I broke out into a profuse sweat, and tried to moisten my lips with my tongue.

A man on a long voyage would just smack his lips to see them.

Pardner, we'll be in Minóok by supper-ti" The words hadn't left his lips when he saw, a few yards in front of them, a faint cloud of steam rising up from the icethat dim danger-signal that flies above an air-hole.

Marion, hurried forward to greet her, followed more leisurely by Isabelle and her mother, who touched her lips lightly to her forehead.

So he left Mary to make her examination; going downstairs, he shook his head once, pursed up his lips, and then smiled doubtfully, as a man may do when he has made up his mind to take a chance.

Even her movements irritate me,just the way she shakes her head and curls her lip,she is so self-satisfied.

Notice with what dexterity and generosity Mr. SPRAT selects the fattest parts and skilfully conveys them to Madam's plate, reserving the lean for himself; occasionally throwing a bone to his dog, while the lady now and then bestows a fat bit upon Puss, who slowly licks her lips and winks for more.

" The colonel opened and closed his lips foolishly like a fish gasping silently out of water.

"Aiken was here last evening, and got the message I left him?" Brutus nodded, and my father compressed his lips.

But society seals our lips: we walk about with frozen tongues.

He spoke without moving his lips.

" Miss Sessions flushed and set her lips together.

" Henshaw drew back his lips in a slight smile.

Handy Solomon continually wetted his lips, like an animal licking its chops.

Dode put her hand to her hot breast, shut her dry lips.

She was casting about for some reasonable phrase in which to clothe the statement that it would be better he should stop the car and let her out; she had parted her lips to ask him to take the wheel, when they rounded a turn and came upon a company of loom-fixers from the village below.

But if to keep him there would make him a slacker, Lenore swore she would die before lifting her lips to his.

" He stopped suddenly and bit his lips in pain.

"Oh, no, age makes a long route between hand and lipthirty years ago you kissed my hand, and you never reached the lip.

412 Verbs to Use for the Word  lip