82 Verbs to Use for the Word liquid

Do this three times, and then pour the liquid from the grounds and you have the right strength and the right heating.

When I released her, there appeared to my surprise at her call, no human intruder, but one of the ambau, bearing on a tray a goblet, which, as he placed it on a table beside us, I perceived to contain a liquid rather different from any yet offered me.

Let these ingredients boil quickly for 5 minutes, then strain the liquid warm over the pears; put the mould in a cool place, and when the jelly is firm, turn it out on a glass dish.

Sago absorbs the liquid in which it is cooked, becomes transparent and soft, and retains its original shape.

While drinking the "welcome liquid" we watched an old woman out of the window, spinning.

A membrane, made up of the extremely thin walls of the blood-vessels and intestines, separates the liquids.

In the same way dregs is explained simply as the sediment left after drawing off liquids.

Then, like one inspired, he grasped a bottle of soda water from the table, and forced the reviving liquid down his staring patient's throat; as quickly tore off his straw hat, newly moistened the damp sponge in it at a neighboring washstand, and replaced both on the aching head; and, finally, placed in one of his tremulous hands a few cloves from a saucer on the mantel-shelf.

Alvez, furnished with an enormous metal spoon, stirred the liquid, which threw a great white glare over those delirious monkeys.

In another second he would have hurled the liquid full in Piers' face; but Piers was too quick for him.

They inject their prey with a highly lethal venom and, having no teeth, suck out the liquid from inside their prey.

Through her tears she saw this obese old man of sacerdotal benevolence, going from side to side gathering bottles together and mixing liquids, stirring the spoon around in a glass with a joyous tinkling.

If, every time he lifts his cup to his lips, he has to carry the saucer with it, or else to drop the liquid upon and to soil his sheet, or bedgown, or pillow, or, if he is sitting up, his dress, you have no idea

At the mouth swallowed or not swallowed: If swallowed liquid or solid: liquid, as compound wine of hellebore, scilla or sea-onion, senna, Vinum Scilliticum, Helleboratum, which Quercetan so much applauds "for melancholy and madness, either inwardly taken, or outwardly applied to the head, with little pieces of linen dipped warm in it."

When the little creature had departed, I tasted the liquid, but its flavour was so unpleasant that I set down the vessel immediately.

She tested the liquid, rolling up her eyes like a greedy tabby.

After the first pressing, it goes to a more artistic old negro, who, with two buckets of waterone like pea-soup, the other as dark as if some of his children had been boiled down in itand armed with a sponge of most uninviting appearance, applies these liquids with most scientific touch, thereby managing to change the colour, and marble it, darken it, or lighten it, so as to suit the various tastes.

they discharged the dirty liquid from their syringes; and when he said "Vilti Goulgoul!"

But all this would not answer my end, which was to get an earthen pot to hold liquids, and bear the fire, which none of these could do.

SAUTÉD OYSTERS Put 1 pint oysters in strainer over a bowl and over them pour 2 tablespoons cold water, reserving liquid.

"Yes, ma'am, I have been fighting, and for my life too, which is a very different thing from a round of fisticuffs with your neighbour," growled Stee Jenkin in a shaken tone, and the hand with which he tried to lift the steaming coffee to his lips shook so violently that he spilled the hot liquid on his clothes.

His brother's old servant placed a little pitcher of milk by his side, and filling a cup, Gabriel drank, endeavouring to overcome the repugnance of his weak stomach, which almost refused to retain the liquid.

Instantly, as when a reagent is injected into a retort of chemicals and a precipitate is formed leaving the previously cloudy liquid like crystal, Tutt's addled brain cleared.

But after a time his resolution fails;each new chapter gives a new charm to the ordinary face; the eyes grow "liquid" and "lustrous," always having been "large"; the nose, "naturally delicate," exhibits its "fine-cut lines"; the mouth acquires an indescribable expression of loveliness; and the reader's hoped-for Fright is transformed by Folly or Miss Pickering into a commonplace, tiresome, novelesque Beauty.

Caution should be observed, however, about introducing hot and cold liquids into the stomach in quick succession.

82 Verbs to Use for the Word  liquid
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