262 Verbs to Use for the Word listing

" Rosa blushed, Jack felt foolish, and everybody laughed except Dick, who looked unutterable things at his adored, and boldly entered the lists against the great personage by asking, in a quivering treble: "Doesn't the Bible say that the wife shall cleave to the husband; that his people shall be her people, his God her God, where he goes she goes?"

In Chapter VIII you were given lists of synonyms and made the distinctions yourself.

"We laughed over a roll, which we saw in the College library, containing a list of the ancestors of Henry VIII.

Adam and Noah head the list, and Peter and Paul bring up the end of a procession of worthies whose heroic deeds as the servants of Jehovah will always appeal to the imagination of youthful minds.

Cousin Agatha is about her housekeeping, and I have read the afternoon paper all through,even the list of undelivered letters and the woman's page,and I just want to see the Gilbert Stuart picture," she concluded,exercising, one is afraid, a certain economy in regard to the truth.

and after writing the long list of deaths, she closes the entry with these words "O gracious Lord!

I don't think I've completed all your list.'

We were giving a ball at the Quai d'Orsay a few nights afterward, and had also asked a great many peopleall the ambassadors sent in very large lists of invitations they wanted for their compatriots, but much the largest was that sent in by the American minister.

Next day, while Rudolph Musgrave was making out the list of honorary pall-bearers, the postman brought a letter which had been forwarded from Chicago.

"I have prepared a list," I replied, and took from my pocket a sheet of paper.

They publish visitors' lists in the papers, don't they, like they do at Hastings?"

In the Mother Songs, too, we find quite a good list of toys which are now to be found in most Kindergartens.

The steward who received them and the surgeon who had taken their descriptive list had been transferred to St. Louis.

If one wishes to draw up a really complete list it would be necessary to include the jabliauxthe Renart and the Rose, which constitute the most anti-chivalrousI had nearly written the most Voltairianworks that I am acquainted with.

Then he visited the provost headquarters, and was shown the complete list of names recorded in the books there; but Barney's was not among them.

But she could hurry back to Washington, and, without letting the young men know, got a descriptive list.

One more inscription and we have done; it well closes the long list: QVI LEGERIT VIVAT IN CHRISTO Whoever shall read this, may he live in Christ!

" Having demonstrated this to himself, Musgrave went into the house and drugged his mind correcting proofsheetsfor the Lichfield Historical Association's Quarterly Magazineand brought down to the year 1805 his "List of Wills Recorded in Brummell County.

Next add a list of the synonyms you find through research, through a ransacking of dictionaries and books of synonyms.

[Here follows in the former edition a list of Lodge's works, which will be found more fully and correctly given in Hazlitt's "Handbook," in v.]

His chef came, presenting a list adorned with vignettes, and the first article of which, that met the prince's eye, was "fifty hams."

"I saw the Archbishop [of York]'s list of the Lords Regents appointed, and perceive Lord Wharton is not one of them; by which I guess the new scheme is not to make use of any man grossly infamous in either party; consequently, those who have been honest in regard to both, will stand fairest for preferment.

I had searched a copy of the London Directory at the Station Hotel at Carlisle, and found that no house in Green Street was registered as occupied by the tenant of Rannoch; and, further, when I came to examine the list of guests at the castle, I found that they were really persons unknown in society.

He publicly laid before his noble colleagues, one after another, his list of their sins; certainly without being remarkably particular as to the proofs, and certainly also with a peculiar relish in the case of those who had personally crossed or provoked him.

Then if possible improve your list by studying the list under the corresponding word in Exercise A. Finally, compare your revised list with the one in Exercise C. EXERCISE C

262 Verbs to Use for the Word  listing
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