226 Verbs to Use for the Word loading

Concentrated on the two main thingsto carry forward his almost intolerable load, and to go the shortest way to the nearest woodthe Boy, by-and-by, forgot to tell his tired nerves to take account of the unequal pressure from behind.

At the same time, a damp wind blew up into my face, bringing with it a load of fine spray.

The condition of the road presently held up the camels, and then donkey trains took over the loads.

By all the rules of arithmetic, the daily subtraction of three meals from the store should have lightened the load.

In winter nights she would hear the voices of Ralph Hardwick, the village blacksmith, and his boys, as they drew sled-loads of wood, ready cut and split, to keep up her kitchen fire.

The whistle would have sounded, the doors would have all been locked, the guard would have given his warning signal, when in would come at hurricane speed Smith's cart bearing its load of "Thunderers".

Still she was fast, and now and then got a paying load by reaching a port where freights were high before the Conference found out that Cartwright meant to cut the rates.

In double harness they are destined to pull the heavy load of the world's problems.

Then they had to drag heavy loads along the floors of the mine.

I promised I would send a load back from Ikogimeut if they'd" He seemed not to care to finish the sentence.

The fat woman came in first, and there was no chair big enough for her, so she sat down on a leather lounge, which broke and let her down on the floor, and pa tried to help her up, but it was like lifting a load of hay.

When they arrived at a crowd of people the ass kicked and threw the load to the ground.

Now, when fortune has laid such a load of sorrow upon the working people of Lancashire, it is a sad thing to see so many workless minstrels of humble life "chanting their artless notes in simple guise" upon the streets of great towns, amongst a kind of life they are little used to.

" Dropping his load of cartridges carelessly upon a flat rock which projected from the water, he busied himself in a search along the face of the cliff.

The coach was followed by three carriages, and all deposited their loads at the main building steps and on the campus.

In many instances the islands themselves were no more than banks, which were periodically bare, and on all, the use of piles has been necessary to support the superincumbent loads of palaces, churches, and public monuments, under which, in the course of ages, the humble spits of sand have been made to groan.

He was a boy again and it was a moonlight night, snow was on the ground, and he was walking home from town besides his oxen; he had sold the load of wood that he had started with before daylight; he had eaten his two lunches of bread and salt beef and doughnuts, and now, cold and tired and sleepy, he was walking back home at the side of his oxen.

In christening their tiny puffing locomotives the Tommy drivers showed their strong appreciation of their comrades on the sea, and the 'Iron Duke' and 'Lion' were always tuned up to haul a maximum load.

He gathered as heavy a load of dry branches as he could handle, bound them about with his rope, and, fighting his way all the way up, clambered again to the upper cave.

The total weight was thus about two and a half tons, which, distributed on thirty horses, gave a load of 180 pounds each horse.

Her baby was a week old, and the poor woman, unable to sustain the load of shame which oppressed her, ran one night into a river, holding the baby in her arms.

Steering north-west, after toiling nearly thirty miles across this fearful waste of dry mud, we at length reached a small patch of grass on a sandy hummock, but only just in time to save the horses, as many could scarcely keep on their legs, and we had to remove their loads to those which were less exhausted.

We must dump his load in the soft spot before we stop," Lister resumed.

Mr. Langton saw him one day, in a fit of absence, by a sudden start, drive the load off a porter's back, and walk forward briskly, without being conscious of what he had done.

The forepart of that meeting was very trying, at which I did not wonder, if we might judge from a previous feeling; for ever since the prospect of this little visit presented to my view, I felt a load on my spirit which I could not by any means cast off.

226 Verbs to Use for the Word  loading