13 Verbs to Use for the Word lobby

Eagerly enough they escaped from the automobile where they had been shut in and entered the spacious lobby of the hotel, where a merry throng of tourists had gathered.

In crossing the lobby in the hotel at Savannah, Georgia, Lulu's most pressing problem had been to know where to look.

The doors were closed in their faces; a company of soldiers, the keepers, as they were sarcastically called, of the liberties of England, filled the lobby; and a resolution was passed that no former member, who had not subscribed the engagement, should sit till further order of parliament.[c] The attempt, however, though it failed of success, produced its effect.

I saw her flying down the lobby with the net over her head, looking like an oriental bride; I heard the street door bang, and I found the butter-fly net on the doormat.

After a minute's descent Ned found himself in a long, narrow hall, which had at some time in the distant past formed the lobby of the temple.

But Mr. Caldigate, when he was told that Mr. Brown would see him, almost left the lobby in instant disgust.

The railroads, in part because they were the victims at times of attempts at blackmail by dishonest public officials, declared that they were compelled, in self-defense to maintain a lobby.

He entered the dark and ornate lobby of Pilgrim's Atlantic.

The remaining three millions were retained to pay the "lobby" and confirm the treaty.

This done, he sought the lobby of a near-by hotel, found a seat near a radiator, and proceeded to read the clipping carefully.

If you are JOHN SMITH and own a coal mine or an iron mill, you go to Washington, see your Congressman, (by see I mean look at him, of course,) donate large sums of money to certain poor, but honest men, who adorn the lobby of the House, while they are waiting for generous patrons like unto you, then go home and calmly await the result.

She could not help but think of his life at Millings, of that sordid hotel lobby

The soldiers as yet only blocked up the lobby of the Left, and had not passed beyond the Tribune.

13 Verbs to Use for the Word  lobby