10 Verbs to Use for the Word loiterings

Walt Mason Little Prayer, A........................... S.E. Kiser Little Thankful Song, A.................... Frank L. Stanton Lose the Day Loitering.....................

In the great hall outside she found Saltash loitering.

"The wind was sharp that night, as we all know," Gifford went on, "and forbade loitering.

There are times when the soul sighs to think of itself as chained to a sort of brute; it tugs at its chain, it snaps and growls, it tears and rends us; at another time it is content and serviceable; at another it grows spent and faint, and keeps the soul loitering, heart-sick and reluctant, on its pilgrimage.

He preferred loitering about in the village, rowing on the lake, reading in the garden, and playing lawn tennis.

Looking about for some one to help him, Mr. Graham saw a tall stranger loitering around the polling place, and called to him, "Can you write?"

So the feast passed merrily, and never had that inn seen such lusty feeders as these four stout fellows; but at last they were done their eating, though it seemed as though they never would have ended, and sat loitering over the sack.

I was scarce seated, when the storm burst with all its fury; and I observed an old fellow, who had stood loitering till the hurricane whistled round his ears, making towards me, as rapidly as his apparently palsied limbs would permit.

"Victorine, where art thou loitering?" "Oh, for heaven's sake, sir, do not thou tell my grandfather that I have talked with thee!" cried Victorine, in feigned terror.

He lives most precariously on small things, such as he can pick up as he travels loitering along the lake shores, or strolls, with easy footsteps, about the forest precincts of his lodge.

10 Verbs to Use for the Word  loiterings