469 Verbs to Use for the Word looking

But the night shadows are beginning to gather over the forest, throwing a sort of spectral gloom among the old woods, giving a distorted look to the trunks of the trees, the low bushes, the turned up roots, and the boulders scattered over the ground.

Trendon handed the ledger back to the captain, who took one quick look, closed it, and handed it to Congdon.

At length he awoke, and casting on me a look of placid benignity, said,"Atterley, my time is not yet come.

The Boy, seeing the very look of a certain high-shouldered gray stone "St. Andrew's" far away, and himself trotting along beside that figure, inseparable from first memories, was dimly aware again, as he stood at the Jesuit's door, in these different days, of the old Sunday feeling invading, permeating his consciousness, half reluctant, half amused.

"Don't like the looks of it.

After this, I saw othersall wearing that look of hopeless sorrow; and blind.

She shivered a little when she met his frowning looks, and turned away.

He turned a searching look upon Muriel Tredworth.

"Feather your nest, girl; you got the looks to do it.

But not before he had caught in her eyes a look which he hated to see, a look which seemed to confirm a suspicion already in his mind.

He returned the accusing looks of the company with self-possession.

The younger children, consisting of two boys and a girl, exchanged looks with each other at the selections I made, and I thought I perceived in the looks of the mother, still more aversion than surprise.

His face assumed a look of resignation: these old ladies made his life a martyrdom.

You throw worried looks in all directions as if you were afraid that this perfectly solid meadow were a dangerous pond into which your little brood might fall and lose their lives.

and I never thought of him bein' here until I noticed the look on that ugly mug of his, and mind you, Da, there's people that call him good-lookin' with that heavy jowl of his and the hair on him growin' the wrong way on his head, and them black eyes of his the color of the dirt in the road.

I could not forget that look.

Lenore stole a look at Dorn, to see him, bareheaded, face upturned, entranced.

He flashed a look of piteous, surprised reproach at her as she flecked the flies from the neck of her horse.

The buildings and costumes lost their tawdry look, and one saw only a mass of moving colour, which seemed to soften and lose itself in the evening shadows.

I told Miss Lamb in whispers that 'e wasn't there, but I'd 'ave another look for him by and by.

The girl was not happy and he had noted her wistful look when she talked about England.

I had to be very careful, I remember, to mark my path, so that I could retrace it, and I followed the Border device of making a chip here and there in the bark of trees, and often looking backward to remember the look of the place when seen from the contrary side.

Miss Sessions sent a beseeching look toward the lady from London.

One goes his shady way, he keeps his look directed towards the rising moon, and thus he almost runs into one who also stands amid the shadows and whose gaze is likewise fixed upon the moon. "Ah?Mr.

" He shot her a look of constantly growing nervousness, his mouth pulled to an oblique, his glance constantly toward the door.

469 Verbs to Use for the Word  looking