1133 Verbs to Use for the Word loved

Notwithstanding her own weak and failing health she laboured on, winning the love and gratitude of the blind, and accomplishing a great work of which any one might feel justly proud.

And he was making love obviously to that sickening, irritating red-haired fool (so Edith thought of her), Vincy's silly, affected art-student.

To the end of his life he regretted never having known a mother's love.

Upon the afternoon of such a day as this, Miss POTTS is informed, by a servant, that Mr. BUMSTEAD has arrived, and, sending her his love, would be pleased to have her come down stairs to him and bring him a fan.

This view implies that she was already false to Antony, and it may well be asked how such a charge is compatible with the affecting scenes which followed at Alexandria, where her policy seemed defeated by her passion, and she felt her old love too strong even for her heartless ambition?

Lady, hast won a true and leal knight, and thou, Sir Jocelyn, a noble lady, who hath spoken truth at hazard of losing her love.

" I looked at herher eyes were so black, her look so kind, her mouth so rosy, and her teeth so white that I told her allmy love, my suit to her father, and his rough refusal.

The Spirit is continually giving us deeper insight into the love of the Son, just as the Son came to make known to the world the wonderful love of the Father.

" One of Livingstone's first mission stations was Mabotsa, where he stayed a year, and in that short time gained the love of the people.

For even when the cave-man retreated from the advance of the polar cap, which once covered Europe with Arctic desolation, he not only defied the elements but showed even then the love of the sublime by beautifying the walls of his icy prison with those mural decorations which were the beginning of art.

" "I see, and she returned your love?" "Sincerely."

Humhumvery noble, i'faith, we'll e'en confess our loves too, Isabella.

It breathes his thanks, expresses his love and his wish to die, having seen the Saviour.

The little Pilgrim looked at them with her heart beating, and was very glad for them, and happy in herself; for she had not seen this love before since she came into the city, and it had troubled her to think that perhaps it did not exist any more.

Some will complain that she brings no idealizing love to her subject, and does little to bring out the greatness and glory of her religion.

Peewee, peewee, I'd be flying O'er the hills and o'er the sea, Till I found the love I long for Whereso'er he'd be Peewee crying, I'd be flying, Could I fly like thee!

The purslane, crocus, and periwinkle were thought to inspire love; while the agnus castus and the Saraca Indica (one of the sacred plants of India), a species of the willow, were supposed to drive away all feelings of love.

It is no wonder she receives no love or consideration from her husband or anybody else.

His delight was to visit the sick, and to declare the love of Christ whenever he had the opportunity.

You never knew a woman that didn't believe her husband's beliefs, hate his hates, love his loves.

O gentle moon, to-night Unveil thy softest, tend'rest light Where feet I love, so small and white, Do bear my love to me!" "Stand up, Roger, here is nought to harm us, methinks," quoth Beltane softly, "stand up, and hold my bridle.

And I wanted it so!that first love that means everythingthe love he gave her when I was only a messy little girl, with pig-tails and too many hands and feet!

Ah, sure some stronger impulse vibrates here, Which whispers Friendship will be doubly dear To one who thus for kindred hearts must roam, And seek abroad the love denied at home.

We have only each other in this world; pray, dear father, let nothing come between us; let nothing make you doubt the constant love of your daughter.

The only safe thing for a woman to do who finds herself married to one man and in love with another is to wait, a year, or two or three years, until time proves her love and she knows in her heart that she can make the change and never regret it, no matter what happens.

1133 Verbs to Use for the Word  loved