6 Verbs to Use for the Word lucre

I always looked to about thirty, as the barrier of any real or fierce delight in the passions, and determined to work them out in the younger ore and better veins of the mine; and, I flatter myself, that perhaps, I have pretty well done so, and now the dross is coming, and I love lucre; for we must love something; at least, if I have not quite worked out the others, it is not for want of labouring hard to do so.

Donning a bright smile the Babe approaches the farmer and presses the lucre into his honest palm.

As soon as once your work is finished you ought to be promptly paid; but to receive your lucre one minute before it is due, is to tempt Providence to make a Micawber of you.

In my senior year I was forced by the necessity for securing lucre to pay the increasing graduation expenses, to teach the high school in Bristol, Conn., and returned to the university to "cram" for the final examinations.

'Twas filthy lucre, dust and dirt, The root of every evil; And its pursuit,too strongly urged, Would lead straight to the Devil.

Mind thou wrappest the lucre snugly in thy cummerbund, that it be not lostfarewell, little brother!" While the gentlemen of the Happy Valley have been lashed by the tongue and pen of every traveller, the ladies, on the contrary, have been rather overrated.

6 Verbs to Use for the Word  lucre