30 Verbs to Use for the Word magnet

I remedied this by placing under it a free compass magnet: a stand was specially prepared for it.

The first of these is, the introduction of the American method of observing transits, by completing a galvanic circuit by means of a touch of the finger at the instant of appulse of the transiting body to the wire of the instrument, which circuit will then animate a magnet that will make an impression upon a moving paper.

I saw a man apply a magnet to steel pens the other day, and that's the way I clung to God; there was no power in me to hold on, the magnetism was in Him, and so I hung on.

We might even arrange a single horseshoe magnet, or an S-shaped one, horizontally, and employ but a single pair of bobbins, and thus have a non-astatic apparatus based upon the same principle.

All was ready for trial: and on Aug. 20th I carried my magnets and iron correctors to Deptford, mounted them in the proper places, tried the ship, and the compass, which had been disturbed 50 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left, was now sensibly correct.

A strange fable might be written of a man who was blessed or cursed with the Copernican eye, and saw all men on the earth like tintacks clustering round a magnet.

Reflecting upon the principle of Professor Schweigger's galvanometer, he constructed magnets in which great power could be developed by a very small galvanic element.

in diameter, and contained hidden within it the great electro-magnet, weighing 2 cwt., so often used by Faraday in his experiments.

These facts appear to have been unknown to Faraday, who, in 1845, by employing powerful electro-magnets rediscovered them, and in addition showed that practically all substances possess the power of being attracted or repelled, when placed between the poles of sufficiently powerful magnets.

A curious property of the machine is that at a certain speed, depending on the rapidity of the alternations in the coil, C, a continuous current passes from one commutator brush to the other, and it will energize electro magnets and perform other actions of direct currents.

When the enemy's iron ships appeared, he proposed to excite these magnets, and draw the vessels on the rocks.

One noon as the passengers were gathered about the luncheon-table, a Dr. Charles T. Jackson, of Boston, exhibited an electro-magnet he had secured in Europe, and described certain electrical experiments he had seen while in Paris.

He did not know it; but from the moment his eyes first fell on Elspie's face they had followed it as iron follows the magnet.

On the lower end of the chain is hung an electro-magnet of sufficient magnetic strength to support the heaviest striking weights.

As the sunlight streams forth over the earth, and over the extensive solitary forests, so does God's spirit stream over and into mankind; ideas and thoughts unfold themselvesendless, inexhaustible, as he isas the magnet which apportions its powers to the steel, and itself loses nothing thereby.

In arc lamps the magnet for forming the arc can be composed of a closed conductor, a coil for the passage of current, and an iron wire core.

An electrical current passing through a coil of wire makes a magnet of a bar of iron lying within it, but not touching it.

A current was thus generated in the line, and, passing over the wire and through a coil at the farther end, moved a magnet suspended there.

For, though it may be reasonable to ask, Whether obeying the magnet be essential to iron?

I have alluded to the sun's daily disturbance of the magnet as one of the most certain of influences, yet if you were to observe the magnet for a single day or perhaps for several days, you might see no evidence of that influence, so completely is it involved with other disturbances whose causes and laws are totally unknown.

At a distance where the current has become weak because of the resistance of the wire and losses due to faulty insulation, it will still operate a delicate electro-magnet with a very light armature so arranged as to open and close a local circuit provided with suitable batteries.

On March 25th I received authority for the expenditure of £30, and I believe that I then ordered Merz's 2-foot magnet.

From April to September, 1837, Professor Morse and myself were engaged together in the work of preparing magnets, winding wire, constructing batteries, etc., in the University for an experiment on a larger, but still very limited scale, in the little leisure that each had to spare, and being at the same time much cramped for funds....

Might not this Greater Servia prove a magnet to draw the kindred Slavs of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Dalmatia, and Croatia away from their allegiance to an alien empire?

He then went to the instrument and telegraphed to Zantzinger at Wilmington, and the reply was that he had been sent from Philadelphia to regulate the relay magnet for the Wilmington operator, who was inexperienced in operating....

30 Verbs to Use for the Word  magnet