7 Verbs to Use for the Word magpies

I did so, and while the concierge copied out the address for me, I chased his tame magpie that hopped about one of the angles of the great building.

But I was on the other side of the Durance, ferreting out magpies, discovering a hill which I had not yet climbed.

"What makes you suppose Miss Monfort wants to hear your chattering, old magpie that you are?" continued Mrs. Clayton, throwing off her mask.

Don't you know enough to keep still, you little magpie?"

Farmers used to attribute disease among cattle to witchcraft; weddings have been attributed to seeing one magpie, deaths to seeing three; and I have heard the most highly educated now-a-days draw consequences for the sick closely resembling these.

Thereupon Krake explained that, feeling anxious about him, she had sent her pet magpies after him, and that the birds had come home and revealed all.

" At this the host smiled slyly, as though saying to himself the rustic saw, "Teach a magpie to suck eggs.

7 Verbs to Use for the Word  magpies