176 Verbs to Use for the Word majority

After these events Hunyady continued to act as governor or regent of Hungary for five years more, by which time the young Ladislaus, son of King Albert, attained his majority.

By buying out all the president's enemies, which you can now do beyond question, you would secure a bare majority of the stock.

Almost all the men known to France and to Europe, who formed the majority of the Legislative Assembly, were gathered in this place.

In 1910 the bill received a majority of 110, larger than was secured even for the budget, the Government's chief measure.

The last elections had given a strong Republican majority to the Senate.

But four-fifths of its members belonged to the different conservative parties which had constituted the majority.

This was a municipal contest, and the Administration party made good use of the incipient soldiery to obtain a majority in the town.

But before reaching his majority he turned to natural history.

Mere artless bribery will never gain a sufficient majority to set them entirely free from apprehensions of censure.

"To resume where I was interrupted, Your Honor, the directors controlling a majority of the stock of this corporation, the capital of which is ten millions of dollars, have made a contract to sell all of its properties to another corporation, organized by themselves and capitalized for one million, for the sum of one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars!

The confusion arising from the sudden dismissal of a Ministry which commanded a large majority in the House of Commons had been increased by the resignation, on Dec. 22, of Earl Temple, three days after his appointment as Secretary of State.

Statements were presented to the Secretary of War at Cattaraugus to show that a vast majority of the New York Indians were adverse to the treaty, but no reasonable doubt exists that the same influence which obtained this expression of opinion would, if exerted with equal zeal on the other side, have produced a directly opposite effect and shown a large majority in favor of emigration.

No one having a majority, the election was thrown into the House of Representatives.

I dare say he was a great blackguard, but as he has long joined the majority, it is of no consequence.

But these extreme cases do not represent the vast majority.

In 1827 Charles disbanded the National Guard; and in the following year the liberals elected a majority in the Chamber.

But we must try to win the majority.

Then who was to blame, that sermons and books and Advocates and pictures and high officials and frequent great assemblies, always accomplishing something, always left behind them the untouched, unmoved majority of the people called Methodists?

The abrogation of this compromise, which had been looked upon as a sacred compact, convinced a majority of the Northern people that the system of slavery was filled with the spirit of aggressiveness and determined to spread itself into all the Territories.

In all cases involving only state laws, and this includes a large majority of cases, the decision of the state supreme court is final.

But the reasonings of the former, backed by the urgency of events, carried the majority of the suffrages; and a promised redress of grievances was agreed on beforehand as the anticipated answer to the coming demands.

9.] In one synod, Dunstan, finding the majority of votes against him, rose up and informed the audience, that he had that instant received an immediate revelation in behalf of the monks: the assembly was so astonished at this intelligence, or probably so overawed by the populace, that they proceeded no farther in their deliberations.

THOMAS BROWN, you can try the same example with the Assembly at Albany, only taking the majority as Democratic, and the man whose seat is contested as Republican.

The Executive departments, the Army and Navy, the Supreme Judicial Court and diplomatic missions abroad, all present the same spectacle;an immense majority of power in the hands of a very small minority of the peoplemillions made for a fraction of a few thousands.

On the other hand, many of the questions, I believe the large majority, were as pertinent after the Treaty was completed as they were when the memorandum was made.

176 Verbs to Use for the Word  majority
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