38 Verbs to Use for the Word make

"Oh Folly, which we call love, what dost thou make of us?

When we come to examine the stones we tread on, or the iron we daily handle, we presently find we know not their make; and can give no reason of the different qualities we find in them.

The Ball no question makes of Ayes and Noes, But Here or There as strikes the Player goes; And He that toss'd you down into the Field, He knows about it allHE knowsHE knows!

I could not tell you her particular make, but our motor cyclist artificer described her as a "1917 model; well upholstered but weak in the chassis and unreliable in the differential on hairpin bends; in fact, built for comfort and not speed.

Why, Sir, would you desire another make, And weare that garland for your mistres sake? Ap.

It is obviously impossible to discuss the various makes in a work of this kind; the commoner types are described in Jute and Linen Weaving Calculations and Structure of Fabrics; and the more elaborate ones, as well as several types of simple ones, appear in Textile Design: Pure and Applied, both by T. Woodhouse and T. Milne.

But age doth many men so feeble make, That they no great design can undertake; Yet that to age not singly is applied, But to all man's infirmities beside.

"What make of aeroplane does your son drive?"

22 So happily flexile Man's make.

Oh, what fools vanity and pride make of us!

9. Stronger than thunder's winged force, All-powerful gold can spread its course, Thro' watchful guards its passage make, And loves thro' solid walls to break: From gold the overwhelming woes That crush'd the Grecian augur rose: Philip with gold thro' cities broke, And rival monarchs felt his yoke; Captains of ships to gold are slaves, Tho' fierce as their own winds and waves.

"Somebody vill shust in his bed be burnt, if old Johann does not haste make!" Not waiting to close the door behind him, or even to catch up something to protect his old bald head from the intense cold of the winter night, he ran out across the garden.

" This was almost the longest speech he had ever heard her make, in ordinary conversationthe first one that contained any of her thoughts.

To investigate make for the junction of South Road and Edgehill Street (the old pier), turn down a lane on the L. and ascend a flight of concealed steps at the bottom.

Then she must try the chairs, the oriental couch, and even the stoolwhere she had seen the artist sitting, sometimes, at his work, when she had watched him from the arbor; and lastin a pretty make believeshe tried the seat on the model throne, as though posing herself, for her portrait.

And thanne thei schullen dyggen and mynen so strongly, tille that thei fynden the zates, that Kyng Alisandre leet make of grete stones and passynge huge, wel symented and made stronge for the maystrie.

" The better marksman I grew the less I liked the common make of guns, and I cast about to work an improvement.

There is nothing like the same amount of sociability amongst the foreigners in Binondo as prevails in English and Dutch colonies; and scarcely any intercourse at all with the Spaniards, who envy the strangers and almost seem to look upon the gains the latter make in the country as so many robberies committed upon themselves, its owners.

Singular, what foolish children love makes of us!rendering us sensitive, jealous, exacting, in the superlative degree.

I marked the volcanic make of it, cast up from the low bed of Neptune an eon ago, its loftiest peaks peering from the long cloud-streamers a mile and a half above my eyes, and its valleys embracing caverns of shadow.

Come along;nay now I feare my honesty is betrayd;a horseman proudly mounted makes towards me, and 'tis a Don that thinkes himselfe as brave as St. Jaques.

W. Sir, I beseech you, speak a good word for me to the prince, That by her letters I may be commended to some province, Where service is to be had, either there to die with fame, Or else to get me somewhat, whereon to live without shame; For beg I cannot, and steal I may not, the truth is so; But need doth make, the proverb say'th, th'old wife to trot for woe.

Better pay makes by far the easiest appeal, whether it be to the very young girl with her eager desire for a good time or to her older sister upon whom, quite surely, years have laid some of life's increasing burdens.

Personally I always play with a "Slazenger" racket, preferring their make to any other; but there are many other good manufacturers.

Fashion prescribes the size and shape of bonnets, the make of gowns, their length and their sizethe number of breadths and goresthe trimmings, the petticoats, which have become like a second gown, and all the other paraphernalia of a lady's toilette.

38 Verbs to Use for the Word  make