607 Verbs to Use for the Word manner

I have followed the animal from his birth to his appearance on the table; have described the manner of feeding him, and of slaying him, the position of his various joints, and, after giving the recipes, have described the modes of carving Meat, Poultry, and Game.

"It is not often a great people go to war for an idea, but we are taking up the gage of battle to teach our inferiors manners.

Indeed, I have so few that I shall have recourse to violence, my son, if you do not assume a more reposeful manner.

The sedateness that beseems a woman fell away from me somewhat, and I grew bolder in my ways; and, in addition to all this, my eyes, which until that day looked out on the world simply and naturally, entirely changed their manner of looking, and became so artful in their office that it was a marvel.

What they wanted was eatable game, and they affected no intelligent interest in knowing the manners and customs of the particular species that was sending up appetising odours from the pot.

His appearance, therefore, in our camp in the guise of a Californian was somewhat of a mystery to me, and I could hardly comprehend it until I had heard his adventurous story and learned the accidental manner in which he and father had made themselves known to each other.

He had forgotten his fine manners and his mincing London voice, and we spoke of the outland country of which he knew nothing, and of the hunting of game of which he knew much, exchanging our different knowledges, and willing to learn from each other.

" Somehow Max liked his manner of speech.

The first fruits of his secularization was an engagement upon the boards of Old Drury, at which theatre he commenced, as I have been told, with adopting the manner of Parsons in old men's characters.

I don't know exactly how to tell you the manner in which we became aware of the cove.

"And when you came, I saw no manner in which you could possibly thwart him.

But this very old friend of yours, my dear young lady" "Captain Truck, Mr. Howel; Mr. Howel, Captain Truck;" said Eve, imitating the most approved manner of the introductory spirit of the day with admirable self-possession and gravity.

THE BOTTLE-JACK, of which we here give an illustration, with the wheel and hook, and showing the precise manner of using it, is now commonly used in many kitchens.

Dion Cassius explains the manner in which the oracle of Nymphoea, in Epirus, delivered its responses.

There you behold Granny DANA, shaking her "brawny bunch of fives" in the face of Granny YOUNG, whose manner of wringing out the linen, you will observe, is up to the highest Standard of that branch of art.

He related the manner in which Beth and Patsy had adopted Myrtle, the physician's examination and report upon her condition, and then told the main points of their long but delightful journey from Albuquerque to San Diego in the limousine.

His Highness promised to mend his manners, and from that time was very assiduous in waiting upon her.

Well, at least I have not taken their good manners from them.

In the course of the same month an event occurred which strangely illustrates the manners of the place, and the character of the two poets.

Plain men may be puzzled to understand why Dr. Wyville Thomson, not being a cynic, should relegate the "Land of Promise" to the bottom of the deep sea, they may still more wonder what manner of "milk and honey" the Challenger expects to find; and their perplexity may well rise to its maximum, when they seek to divine the manner in which that milk and honey are to be got out of so inaccessible a Canaan.

He was a trim young fellow, with a clean-cut, manly face and frank, winning manners.

But if the Berbers have borrowed the majority of their tales, they have given to their characters the manners and appearance and names of their compatriots.

Both the aunt and niece studied the manners of the earl closely, and found several shades of distinction between what he was and what he had been.

Lastly, it is certain that many of the Varangians who served in the imperial bodyguard were Christians, and that the Greek sovereigns never lost sight of any opportunity of converting them to their own faith, by which they hoped to soften their savage manners.

It appears that coffee was first introduced into England by Daniel Edwards, a Turkey merchant, whose servant, Pasqua, a Greek, understood the manner of roasting it.

607 Verbs to Use for the Word  manner