319 Verbs to Use for the Word mark

But now, an it be so thy will, take this my dagger and slay me here and nowyet shall Red Pertolepe bear my mark upon him when I am dead.

On the banks of every river, ravine, and gully they have left their marks.

The other Indians had gained on us while I was engaged in shooting at their leader, and they sent several shots whizzing past me, but fortunately none of them hit the intended mark.

It shows the marks of the bottle.

They fired at me repeatedly, but missed their mark.

Who found the marks?" he asked.

Since the war, volumes have been written of personal experience, amply attested, that would in romance receive the derisive mark of the critics.

We never," concludes the reviewer, "in so few lines saw so many clear marks of the vulgar impatience of a low man, conscious and ashamed of his wretched vanity, and labouring, with coarse flippancy, to scramble over the bounds of birth and education, and fidget himself into the stout-heartedness of being familiar with a Lord."

Men subsequently set up marks to distinguish where both these events took place.

The first portion of his life as a curate did not seem to point to his making any mark upon his Devonshire flock.

Cuvier himself practically gives up his second distinctive mark when he admits that it is wanting in the simpler animals.

And when the knife reaches its mark it ends a battle at a stroke.

"If you want a romantic tale, persuade him to tell you how he got the mark on his head.

The Sachem's knife again was lifted, and, with a dexterous movement of his hand, he slit the noses of each of the culprits from top to bottom, and dismissed them, to carry for life the marks of their disgrace.

The states of Syracuse and Ephesus being at variance, there was a cruel law made at Ephesus, ordaining that if any merchant of Syracuse was seen in the city of Ephesus, he was to be put to death, unless he could pay a thousand marks for the ransom of his life.

This is true; but probably his lordship's legal jealousy overshoots the mark here.

The only trouble they had in the classroom was with Professor Sharp, who made them "toe the mark" upon every occasion.

And Italy, whose statesmen have been faithful to all the old "axioms" (Heaven save the mark!) will discover it rapidly enough.

To prevent the injury which the intercourse between Jews and Christians might occasion to the Catholic faith, the cortes had ordered that unbaptized Israelites should be obliged to wear a distinctive mark, dwell in separate quarters, called juiveries, and return there before night.

" "I heartily approve of our brother Anno's proposition," said another, "the rather as we cannot possibly fail to discover such a mark, if, indeed, we desire to find it.

From the first, Coombe had observed the marks of true distinction in him.

Her countenance bore the marks of hardship and exposure; while the coarse material of her scanty garments, which scarcely served to defend her from the bleak December wind, showed that even now she wrestled with poverty for life.

" Tsz-chang wanted to know some marks of the naturally Good Man.

A few bore wounds, and the clothes of several were in rags; all alike exhibited marks of suffering and hardship.

The kingly Sugar Pine, towering aloft to a height of more than 200 feet, offers a fine mark to storm-winds; but it is not densely foliaged, and its long, horizontal arms swing round compliantly in the blast, like tresses of green, fluent algae in a brook; while the Silver Firs in most places keep their ranks well together in united strength.

319 Verbs to Use for the Word  mark