9 Verbs to Use for the Word matrix

Years ago I started to collect material; but my affliction came, and now I can only feel the matrices and picture them in my mind.

Then, having also examined the battered old bronze matrix, he said, "A most excellent specimen, and in first-class preservation, too!

He sat fingering those big oval matrices of bronze, listening to Gabrielle's voice deciphering the inscriptions, and explaining what was meant and what was possibly their history.

The nail lies upon very fine and closely set papillæ, forming its matrix, or bed.

The five-inch roll of paper, perforated by the keyboard machine (a hole for every letter), gives the signal by means of compressed air to the mechanism that puts the matrix (or type mould) in position and casts the type letter by letter, each character following the proper sequence as marked by the perforations of the paper ribbon.

"Yesterday the Professor sent you five more bronze matrices of ecclesiastical seals.

Doctor Kerr had been guided to the spot by an aboriginal who had been in his service several years; and, in his excitement, he broke the matrix in which the nugget was imbedded, and thus spoiled what would have been the most magnificent specimen of gold quartz hitherto discovered.

"Yes, dad," declared the girl, returning to his side and taking the matrix herself to examine it under the green-shaded reading-lamp.

Some of the drawers contained the matrices as well as the casts; but as matrices of mediaeval seals are rarities, and seldom found anywhere save in the chief public museums, it is no wonder that the bulk of private collections consist of impressions.

9 Verbs to Use for the Word  matrix