15 Verbs to Use for the Word mentalities

Then why not impress upon it the suggestion that in passing over to the other side it has brought its objective mentality along with it?

Probably the majority take their dream-life for an external reality; and, in any case, all who have passed over without carrying their objective mentality along with them must be shut up in their individual subjective spheres and cease to function as centers of creative power so long as they do not emerge from that state.

What is most urgently required at the moment is to change the prevalent war-mentality which still infects us and overcomes all generous sentiments, all hopes of unity.

And again it is not strange, when we realize that hundreds of generations lie back of both parents, and innumerable ancestors of both father and mother contribute their different mentalities to the children in a family.

Then, as the perception of the true nature of the Creative Process dawned upon any subjective entity, it would by reason of accepting this suggestion begin to develop an objective mentality, and so would gradually attain to the same status as those who had passed over in full possession of all their mental powers.

But to attempt to dissect the mentality and to analyze the intellectual processes of Woodrow Wilson is not my purpose.

I experienced the much spoken-of Goan crab mentality very closely during this time.

At least in some such way one might express the mentality of the governing, official, political, and so-called intellectual classes of the nation who could read between the lines of diplomatic dispatches, and saw, clearly enough, the shadow of Death creeping across the fields of Europe and heard the muffled beating of his drum.

Pounding wearily through the darkness, I found myself at a loss to fathom the mentality of men like Jeeves's Uncle Cyril.

Tests, physical, of prisoners, 176-177; intelligence, for grading mentality of the backward, 185-186.

You can guess the mentality of the Syrian by the angle of that red Islamic symbol he wears on his head.

He knows also that the condition of other discarnate individualities is similar to his own, and that consequently each one must necessarily live in a world aparta world of his own creation, because none of them possess the objective mentality by which to direct their subjective currents so as to make them penetrate into the sphere of another subjective entity, which is the modus operandi of telepathy.

To stand for that and then talk of democracy and idealismoh, it shows no mentality, for one thing.

The reptilian forehead did not signify a superior mentality, even as the slack, retreating chin denoted a minimum of courage.

The universities and colleges, on the other hand, although they may leave you less efficient for this or that practical task, suffuse your whole mentality with something more important than skill.

15 Verbs to Use for the Word  mentalities