43 Verbs to Use for the Word menus

A second kitchen staff, installed in a separate room, prepares a special menu which the prisoners can have by paying for it.

I discovered that he had already engaged a table, arranged the menu, and bespoken the wines.

" "Let me recommend," he said, studying the menu for a moment with his horn-rimmed eyeglass, "an artichoke with sauce mayonnaise, or would you prefer asparagus?

By planning menus with the greatest care and omitting meat from the bill of fare to a great extent she made it possible to live on their slender income until the rent would begin to come in again.

At a table a maitre d'hôtel was composing the menu for the evening, against the walls three colored waiters lounged sleepily, and on a platform at a piano a pale youth with drugged eyes was with one hand picking an accompaniment.

A condescending maître d'hotel showed them to a retired table in a distant corner, and another waiter handed them a menu.

At intervals the stewardess comes in, a nice Scotswoman,Corrie, she tells me, is her home-place,and brings the menu of breakfastluncheondinner, and we turn away our heads and say, "Nothingnothing!"

Madame said 'Soup,'" enumerating his menu again; "madame never once said mushrooms.

" [Illustration: PRESIDENTIAL DINNER INVITATION] Bradbury gives the menu of a dinner at which he was, where "there was an elegant variety of roast beef, veal, turkey, ducks, fowls, hams, &c.; puddings, jellies, oranges, apples, nuts, almonds, figs, raisins, and a variety of wines and punch.

The hoteliers grumbled their 'multi-cuisine' menus just weren't being read.

She held the hotel menu almost at arm's length, and spoke in a tone of horror: "'Baked Indian pudding!'

Down into the trench hopped Mrs. Bunny, followed by two small bunnies, and although rabbit for lunch would have improved the menu the men had not the heart to kill her.

That includes the whole menu, I suppose.

Lack of space will not allow me to include many menus.

It was an astounding feat, and when Priam recovered from his amazement he fell into another amazement on discovering that by some magic means the man in evening dress had insinuated a gold-charactered menu into his hands.

Some of these places combine or interchange the menus of French, Italian and Swiss chefs, a piquant entree, or shellfish served bordelaise, being followed by a paste like lasagne, spaghetti or tagliarini, or by those geometric ravioli whose delights are in inverse ratio to their square.

Uncle John invited Ethel and Joe to dine with him that evening, and Mary was told the occasion merited the best menu she could provide.

So much in my actual surroundings brought back the past with an aching distinctnessparticularly the entrance of two charming young people, making rainbows all about them, as, ushered by a smiling waiter, who was evidently no stranger to their felicity, they seated themselves at a neighbouring table with a happy sigh, and neglected the menu for a moment or two while they gazed, rapt and lost, into each other's eyes.

Mmm," she said, opening a menu.

True, Harriet spent some portion of every day with her mother, but she ate at our table only once, always hurrying back to the hotel to oversee the menu of her beloved Edwin.

Lastly, I would thank Mrs. Hume, of "Loughtonhurst," Bournemouth, with whom I have spent several pleasant holidays, and who kindly placed her menus at my disposal.

She provides an excellent vegetarian menu and will make unfermented bread and procure distilled water for those food-reformers who desire them.

Philip pushed the menu away.

When Members read the menu which, according to Major NEWMAN, the Irish Government has adopted for political prisonersthree good square meals a day, including an egg, ten ounces of meat, a pound and a half of bread, two pints and a half of milk, and real butterthey were strongly minded to enlist under Mr. DE VALERA'S banner and get themselves arrested forthwith.

" "I was sleeping off the effect of my intellectual debauchit takes time to recover from a dinner with 'Materialism,' 'Sensual,' 'Ragtime' and 'The Age'," the other returned, the menu in his hand.

43 Verbs to Use for the Word  menus
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