314 Verbs to Use for the Word message

Mr. P. took the seat, (which was nothing to brag of,) and a cigar, (which would have been a great deal to brag of, if he had succeeded in smoking it,) and, after a whiff or two, asked his companion how it was that he came to send such a message to Congress about Cuba.

He had no sooner delivered his message than the Spaniards came in sight.

" It was not that he glanced my way, for this he did not do; yet I received a subtle message from him, by some telepathic means I could neither understand nor respond toa message of warning, or, possibly of simple preparation for what his coming speech might convey.

"He can't carry any messages.

I am happy He has chosen me to bring the messages of the Saviour to these wild people.

"Humph!" growled the man, as the boy gave him the message.

They write to him at his club; they call at his rooms and leave messages; they telephone whenever they can.

"Yes, it does," and he read the message again, word by word.

" "Yet needs must I reach there, since I do bear a message.

And how did Hill behave when he got the message?

It is the footman's duty to carry messages or letters for his master or mistress to their friends, to the post, or to the tradespeople; and nothing is more important than dispatch and exactness in doing so, although writing even the simplest message is now the ordinary and very proper practice.

He is discovered, unknown to himself, in his slummy retreat by Bredwel, Sir Cautious' prentice, who has to convey him a message with reference to the expiration of the mortgage, and who reveals the secret to Lady Fulbank.

Suppose she took the messages, who would get the night news in shape for the compositors?

The reports from the Secretaries of the War and Navy Departments and from the Postmaster-General, which accompany this message, present satisfactory views of the operations of the Departments respectively under their charge, and suggest improvements which are worthy of and to which I invite the serious attention of Congress.

I heard the civil Message the Governor sent, and the uncivil Answer you return'd back.

The operator obeyed and heard the operator aboard the Lion repeat his message.

One of the passengers on the Gray Eagle had a copy of the Dubuque Herald containing the Queen's message, tied up with a small stone on the inside of it, and as he threw it to the shore a messenger from the Minnesotian caught it and ran up Bench street to the Minnesotian office, where the printers were waiting, and the Minnesotian had the satisfaction of getting out an extra some little time before their competitors.

" He knew very well that he was compelled to transmit the message, but before doing so he called on General Bankhead and informed him of what I had said, and told him that he would certainly have to send it, for if he didn't he might lose his position.

No; if we have any real reverence for the Holy Scriptures, we must take them word for word in their plain meaning, and find the message of God's Spirit in that plain meaning, instead of trying to put it in for ourselves.

To the cities of this present day might the prophetess Cassandra speak her message: "Would ye be wise, ye Cities, fly from war!

" Mrs. Maxa now told Loneli the message she was to take to her grandmother.

And we rose and walked out along the Strand, now nearly deserted, and despatched an urgent message to Muriel at an address in Hurlingham Road, Fulham.

Now and then, when He considered that the time was come, He caused a prophet to arise from among a nation to be His messenger to summon people to conversion, and to tell them what blessedness awaited them as a reward of obedience, what punishments would be inflicted if they did not believe his message.

His wondrous looks my bosom thrill Can Saiáwush be living still?" The nurse communicated faithfully the message of Maníjeh, and Byzun's countenance glowed with delight when he heard it.

A little later, as the Indefatigable drew even closer, Captain Reynolds of the Indefatigable flashed this message: "I am coming aboard you.

314 Verbs to Use for the Word  message