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314 Verbs to Use for the Word  message

314 Verbs to Use for the Word message

Mr. P. took the seat, (which was nothing to brag of,) and a cigar, (which would have been a great deal to brag of, if he had succeeded in smoking it,) and, after a whiff or two, asked his companion how it was that he came to send such a message to Congress about Cuba.

He had no sooner delivered his message than the Spaniards came in sight.

" It was not that he glanced my way, for this he did not do; yet I received a subtle message from him, by some telepathic means I could neither understand nor respond toa message of warning, or, possibly of simple preparation for what his coming speech might convey.

"He can't carry any messages.

I am happy He has chosen me to bring the messages of the Saviour to these wild people.

"Humph!" growled the man, as the boy gave him the message.

They write to him at his club; they call at his rooms and leave messages; they telephone whenever they can.

"Yes, it does," and he read the message again, word by word.

" "Yet needs must I reach there, since I do bear a message.

And how did Hill behave when he got the message?

It is the footman's duty to carry messages or letters for his master or mistress to their friends, to the post, or to the tradespeople; and nothing is more important than dispatch and exactness in doing so, although writing even the simplest message is now the ordinary and very proper practice.

He is discovered, unknown to himself, in his slummy retreat by Bredwel, Sir Cautious' prentice, who has to convey him a message with reference to the expiration of the mortgage, and who reveals the secret to Lady Fulbank.

Suppose she took the messages, who would get the night news in shape for the compositors?

The reports from the Secretaries of the War and Navy Departments and from the Postmaster-General, which accompany this message, present satisfactory views of the operations of the Departments respectively under their charge, and suggest improvements which are worthy of and to which I invite the serious attention of Congress.

I heard the civil Message the Governor sent, and the uncivil Answer you return'd back.

The operator obeyed and heard the operator aboard the Lion repeat his message.

One of the passengers on the Gray Eagle had a copy of the Dubuque Herald containing the Queen's message, tied up with a small stone on the inside of it, and as he threw it to the shore a messenger from the Minnesotian caught it and ran up Bench street to the Minnesotian office, where the printers were waiting, and the Minnesotian had the satisfaction of getting out an extra some little time before their competitors.

" He knew very well that he was compelled to transmit the message, but before doing so he called on General Bankhead and informed him of what I had said, and told him that he would certainly have to send it, for if he didn't he might lose his position.

No; if we have any real reverence for the Holy Scriptures, we must take them word for word in their plain meaning, and find the message of God's Spirit in that plain meaning, instead of trying to put it in for ourselves.

To the cities of this present day might the prophetess Cassandra speak her message: "Would ye be wise, ye Cities, fly from war!

" Mrs. Maxa now told Loneli the message she was to take to her grandmother.

And we rose and walked out along the Strand, now nearly deserted, and despatched an urgent message to Muriel at an address in Hurlingham Road, Fulham.

Now and then, when He considered that the time was come, He caused a prophet to arise from among a nation to be His messenger to summon people to conversion, and to tell them what blessedness awaited them as a reward of obedience, what punishments would be inflicted if they did not believe his message.

His wondrous looks my bosom thrill Can Saiรกwush be living still?" The nurse communicated faithfully the message of Manรญjeh, and Byzun's countenance glowed with delight when he heard it.

A little later, as the Indefatigable drew even closer, Captain Reynolds of the Indefatigable flashed this message: "I am coming aboard you.

As they turned to go upstairs a telegraph boy came in and handed his message to the landlord, who read it and handed it to Kelson.

The titanic figure is still worshipped by the Hindus: flowers and lighted lamps are daily offered up to him by the ignorant Hindu priest; but he sits immutable, inarticulate, content in the knowledge that to them that have understanding his real message of humanitarianism speaks through the clouds of falsehood which now enwrap his Presence.

The War Cabinet regarded the taking of Jerusalem by British Imperial troops in so important a light that orders were given to hold up correspondents' messages and any telegrams the military attachรฉs might write until the announcement of the victory had been made to the world by a Minister in the House of Commons.

"Look for me again to-night; or, at least, expect a message.

A bombshell was cast into the camps of the nations at war on December 20, when President Wilson unexpectedly addressed a message to the belligerents, urging them to state their terms of peace and end the war without further fighting.

She knew their message; he was taking her into his confidence about his experiment with the chief mourners.

The only business which remained, was the dispatching a message, which was done by one of sir William's servants, from Mr. Godfrey to lord Martin, announcing his name, and informing his lordship, that he was to be met with any time in the ensuing week at Mr. Moreland's.

Well, he produced his message too late.

Early in his military career the young ministers of the Gospel were provided with small diaries, in which they might record the dying messages of the wounded.

They pass quick messages.

Then she whispered some message, and father and child went out of the store.

At the designated hour" The words dried upon his lips as somewhere a hidden bell stabbed the quiet with short, sharp thrills of sound, a code that spelled a message of terrifying significance.

The following Sunday was spent at the hospice; and once again was her musical talent used in proclaiming the Master's message.

He filled page after page of the tablets which he carried in his pack, writing feverishly and with great haste, oppressed only by the fear that he would not be able to finish the message which he had for the people of that other world a thousand miles away.

So ran Jim's message to the loved ones at home.

Sir Harry, Sir Harry of all persons, dropping that message into Anthony Styles's hands,Anthony Styles, the stanch rebel whom they think a stanch Tory!

But it was not easy to compose the message which he wished to send.

You venture to answer such a message without consulting me!

" Perchance she also, like Fateh Muhammad's guests, had caught a message of good hap from out the darkness.

It was not till he was leaving that Paul remembered the Sister's message which had served him as a pretext for stopping.

After rejecting several messages of this kind, his generosity began to yield to the motives of interest; and he retained the last ambassador till he should come to a resolution in a case of such importance.

Here Miss Dalrymple indited rapidly a most voluminous message, paid the clerk in a businesslike manner, and, unmindful of his amazed expression as he read what she had written, tranquilly re-entered the carriage.

She found, too, that she could preach in a way that was not at all distasteful to her; for she could set up many lines of type to be used in printing the gospel message in the Trumpet, which was carrying light and truth into many homes and preaching to hungry souls.

And once, listening, I heard the Master-Word beating strangely low, and I knew the aether to thrill about me, and a faint stirring was there in my soul, as of a faint voice, speaking; and I knew that Naani called to me some message across the night of the world; yet weak and coming without clear meaning; so that I was tormented and could but send comfort to her, with my brain-elements.

I induced our telegraph operator to rectify this oversight, and felt repaid for my trouble when I showed the message.

Samuel continued his stern rebuke, and uttered his fearful message, saying, "Jehovah hath rent the kingdom of Israel from thee this day, and hath given it to a neighbor of thine that is better than thou."

Ned Trent had already prepared his message on the back of an envelope, writing ft with the lead of a cartridge.

XIII ATHENAIS In London, about noon of that day, a gentleman whom Lanyard most often thought of by the name of Wertheimer deciphered a code message whose contempt for customary telegraphic brevity was quite characteristic of the sender, indeed a better voucher for his bona fides than the initials appended in place of a signature.

Was it possible that God was calling her to declare a message to the people, and could it be that it was for this reason her sweet dreams had been so suddenly broken?

He would accept no such message, but sent a note imploring a meeting in a nearby schoolhouse at nightfall.

They found Krail sitting in the bar, calmly smoking, awaiting a message from his accomplice.

We ordered a message to be sent, but before our messengers left the House we heard the Commons would not receive a message, so I moved that the order we had just made should be rescinded, and we had a second conference.

Abel did not forget his message with reference to the equipments of the dead mustang.

" Peter recalled the message Nan Berry had given him some hours before.

Friday morning, in the midst of my plans for helping Aunt E. shop, came a message from Mrs. B. that she wanted to see me.

That is why I volunteered to attempt to hunt out and if possible destroy this powerful wireless station, which is relaying revolutionary messages direct from Russia to all important points in North America.

Demetrius, here's the son of Lucius, He hath some message to deliver us.

Frequently he turned longing eyes toward Eagle Butte, anxious for sight of the cloud of dust from which Chuck would emerge bringing, he hoped, word that Carolyn June and Ophelia Cobb had heeded the misleading message.

He just had time to scrawl that last message and drop the book into the cache.

He soon proclaimed Christianity throughout the land, and the Catholic faith, and announced King Olaf Tryggvason's messages to the people, telling them how much excellence and how great glory accompanied this faith.

Joe Lanning was there, entirely composed, though inwardly raging at the failure of his trick, which he attributed to Dick's changing his mind about walking home, never dreaming that Sahwah had intercepted his message and his treachery was known.

The King signed the two messages, and then said 'the Duke has just caught me in time!'

[Illustration: This French soldier, tempted by the payment to him of a hundred francs, signaled a message to the Germans, giving them the position of the French batteries near Rheims.

When they had gone and laid before the patricians the message of the commonswhile the other decemvirs, since, contrary to their own expectation, no mention was made of their punishmentraised no objection, Appius, being of a truculent disposition and the chief object of detestation, measuring the rancour of others toward him by his own toward them, said: "I am not ignorant of the fate which threatens me.

The feeble character of the proposed compromise roused a storm of scorn and rage; and a Moravian student tore the message of the Estates into pieces.

This logic did not commend itself at all to the runaway, whose sole ambition now was to borrow enough money to telegraph a message of penitence to his father.

And the doctor bent and kissed his wife before going in to telephone the message to be sent his nephew that night, a message bidding him and the little stranger welcome, whenever they cared to come to the House on the Hill.

So the letter ran for several pagesdescriptions of things she had seen on the trip west, and loving messages for her friends at Camp, and closing with a hasty "Goodbye, Jo dear."

They could also throw messages in writing, and divers pretty gifts, the one to the other.

On the day fixed Charles, accompanied by Duke Robert, and Rollo, surrounded by his warriors, repaired to St. Clair-sur-Epte, on the opposite banks of the river, and exchanged numerous messages.

" But if Karslake translated Victor's message, as edited by the hand of Nogam, it was to a wire as deaf as it was dumb.

For twenty minutes or more odd waifs and strays of humanity crawled in through the trap-door, obtained their message of good or ill, and departed into the shadows as silently as they had come.

" "Oh, that's one thing now I wanted to ask aboutthose messages Hoff left in the bookstore.

I thank your brother Herbert for his many kind and affectionate messages; tell him all you will of our plans, and tell himtell himhis sister Mary will never forget the brother of her childhoodthe kind, the sympathising companion of her youth.

Each man who took his instructions and pocketed his message and walked up the cellar steps knew that he might never walk down them again, that he might not take a dozen paces from them before the bullet found him.

Evadne had sung her message, while she folded its leaves of healing down over her own sore heart, and human love had paled before the exquisite beauty of the love of God! CHAPTER XXVIII.

"We come from Arthur, our lord," said Gawain, "and bear to thee his message.

It is so that, without our thinking of it, our simple human feelings one for another at Christmas-time corroborate the mystical message which it is the church's meaning to convey by this festival of "peace and good-will to men"the power of the Invisible Love; from the mystical love of God for His world, to the no less, mystical love of mother and child, of lover and lover, of friend and friend.

To the first of these he forwarded two messages, one openly through Lanark, the Scottish secretary, the other clandestinely through Lord Digby, who proceeded to Dublin from France.

He also devised a recording telegraph in which the moving needle at the receiving station marked down its message in dots and dashes on a ribbon of paper.

"Can your Excellency interpret the message?

shall it be within benefit of clergy to delay the king's message on the high road?to interrupt the great respirations, ebb or flood, of the national intercourseto endanger the safety of tidings, running day and night between all nations and languages?

Little by little my course deviated from the line on which I might have met the message.

From that Mr. Hoff knows just where to go, concealing the message in a book before agreed upon.

[Footnote 50: Correspondence relative to the causes disturbing the friendly relations between Spain and the United States and instructions to United States diplomatic agents relative to the same; correspondence relative to Cuba, etc.] VETO MESSAGES.

"Say, Mr. Romilly," he exclaimed, leaning a little forward, "do you happen to have seen the wireless messages to-day?those tissue sheets that are stuck up in the library?" Philip set down the menu, in which he had been taking an unusual interest.

But John Wingfield, Sr. could not mistake the message of a voice vibrating with all the force of a being let free living over the scene.

She probably mistook her message; for she returned with a bowl full of boiling water; which her mistress no sooner perceived, than she thrust her hand into it, and held it there till it was half cooked.

She ran all the way to the post-office and scribbled a message there with trembling fingers.

" Pressing the message into Sturm's hand, he rested wearily against the casing of the door, his body shaken by laboured breathing, andwhile Sturm, with an exclamation of excitement, ripped open the envelopesurveyed the dark and rain-wet street out of the corners of his eyes.

He completed the urgent message for reรซnforcements at last, listened to some confused and confusing comments upon it, and then made ready to take some messages from the other end.

The commissioners treated the message as an insult.

He then calmly hung up the speaking-tube on the tree that supported our home and began to explain to my interpreter, Lieutenant Bolsaar, the message just received.

"Gifford has asked us to change the late messages.

" Nay, but a little sleep, A little folding Of petals to the lull Of quiet rainfalls Here in my garden, In angle sheltered From north and east wind Softly shall recreate The courage of charity, Henceforth not to me only Breathing the message.